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Life Hacking in Singapore Mar 22, 2015

Life Hacking in Singapore

GPS waypoint: 1°17'02.5"N 103°51'34.7"E
Location: Singapore

Human Swiss Army Knife
With very little money left from the 6 months of backpacking Southeast Asia, I found myself in the most expensive country in the region where I will be spending the next 30 days. If I had to use my remaining cash for all the things I need, I'd go in the red in a few day's time. I had to think like a human Swiss Army knife, pulling out all life skills in my arsenal and mustering all the sinew needed to survive on my wits, my ability and instinct.



I would like to meet other travelers and hear their stories - social interaction is one of the travel highlights for me. Unfortunately again, because of budget constraints, I can't go to places they go to. I can't spend $10 on a meal. Often, I would stick to my $1 roti prata meal. The people who eat these are usually too rushed to go back to their work and not really on social mode. Starbucks? Perhaps in a previous lifetime. I'm quite content with my $1 teh tarik (pulled tea). I do get the occasional interaction from other hotel guests or people I bump into on the streets. If and when I meet Filipinos who just 'landed', I take the initiative to talk to them and point them to places where they can get good cheap eats or get good deals. Often though, I would be walking by myself exploring Singapore.

Ideal Backpackers @ Kallang
In Cambodia, I could get a decent dorm bed for US$3/night. Here in Singapore, the average dorm bed is US$19/night. The cheapest I could find is US$12/night in a congested and dirty hostel popular with migrant workers - even budget backpackers wouldn't dare. I banged on every hostel door in the area hoping to find a hotel deal. Fortunately, I got one after only 2 nights - Ideal Backpackers. They have bad reviews, but that's from the previous owners. Now with new owners and a forward-thinking professional manager, they started fixing broken fixtures, repainting the whole hostel and ensuring things are back to acceptable levels. I eventually became friends with them through their kindness - they included me in their meals, allowed me to sleep for free even when my deal with them was already consumed. They are decent people - characteristic of what I've known about Singaporeans. My hotel stay with them didn't cover my entire 30 days in Singapore, so I wasn't on Easy Street by a long shot. I had to keep knocking on hotel doors. And I kept doing that until my last few days. There was no rest for me. In the entire 30 days I was in Singapore, I was a hamster on a wheel.

Coziee Lodge
As soon as my Ideal Backpackers deal was over, I was fortunate that the neighboring hostel, Coziee, found value with what I was offering - they signed-up, giving me a few more days. Coziee had the backpacker niche all figured out - it was organized, clean and professionally run. But I was never out of the hook. I had to keep up my marketing efforts to ensure I had a place to stay when this deal is done.

Adonis Hotel
After checking-out of Coziee with no hotel to go to, it was my 'showdown at the OK Corral' - the make-or-break day. With still 10 days left before my visa expires and practically loose change left in my pocket, I now had to pay for expensive lodging which buys me 3 days max. Already homeless, I left my baggage at Coziee for my noon appointment with the Marketing Director of Adonis Hotel who was surprisingly young...late twenties, dressed fashionably corporate-chic, muted confidence exuding upward mobility, smart guy with good looks to wit. I didn't have to sell the idea of SEO, online marketing campaign, site analytics...he already knew all those. We just talked performance numbers. After a long contemplative pause, he shook hands with me on the deal. Then he surprisingly asked me, "So how was it with Survivor Philippines?". Huh???? This guy even did his background check on me! I was impressed. As Dhamma would always play its card on me in the dying seconds, I now stayed at a luxurious S$280/day room (with breakfast for 2) at the trendy Bugis district of Singapore - a big leap from a modest dorm bed stay. I was humbled by the magnanimity. But there was no time to tap myself on the back - I still had to cover my last 3 days in Singapore!

Parc Sovereign
Like a white knight in shining armour, Parc Sovereign bailed me out of potential homelessness by covering my last 3 nights + breakfast for 2. Alas, there was no one to share it with. Lodging-wise, the abundance was there, but no more than what I needed, and no sooner than when I needed it. It almost felt like an intervention by this unseen hand that has looked after my well-being for the last so many years I'd been doing this alone.

Juggling Things
Not only was I making ends meet for a roof over my head, I also had to meet web deadlines, write my blogs from Kuala Lumpur which were already long overdue, draft and email marketing proposals, update my 2 sites, prepare for my yoga teaching class, work on generating cash (not only hotel rooms), draft business letters for friends asking for assistance, plan for my next destination, etc. It felt like constantly putting out fires. Sometimes, I would feel strongly about something and I would have to put everything down so I can immediately act on it, like on the many occasions I wrote about Lee Kuan Yew - rarely does anyone impress me, but he ranks high among those who do. Only when the mind and body refuse to do any more work do I take the time to rest and go out and appreciate Singapore. I no longer keep a tourist's paradigm - I simply find a new place to complete my work. Cambodia? Malaysia? Vietnam? Now, it's Singapore.

In Cambodia, I could fill up my belly with $1. Singapore? That same meal could cost $5. I had to find out where I could eat good, cheap and nutritious food. I was informed by locals that they eat in food courts located within the public housing systems. This isn't exactly where tourists go, so much of it remains unwritten in travel blogs. This is where I found the best value meals - rice with 3 veggie dishes for SG$2.70! If it's a long walk to a food court, I default to my SG$1 staple, the roti prata in any Muslim eating place. I got to eat in style though when my hotel includes breakfast. Breakfast was particularly satisfying at Adonis Hotel - set full meals with an added buffet option at the food bar. There were free snacks 24/7 - M&Ms, cookies, cashews, pistachios, etc. 5-6:30pm was compli cocktails. I made sure I tried one daily - Singapore Sling (of course!) and whatever the bartender felt like making. The minibar inside my room was also complimentary. I was spoiled at Adonis Hotel.

I don't know why, but my friends seem to PM/email me for advice or opinion about everything under the sun - love life, sex life, career, personal crisis, yoga, enlightenment, etc. - yes, it's flattering that they somehow think I have the answers. But I'm just a guy putting his pants on one leg at a time like any normal Joe. I try my best, but when they don't like my answers, I get accused for "pretending to be aware", "consciously closing my eyes", "fooling only myself" and "...too practical sometimes". When they do like my answers, I get something like, "thanks...this sounds like business - not a love letter" or " really proved your theory of relationships and shelf life". At the end of the day, I'm flattered they'd open up to me - they somehow find value in what I have to say, even if they already know the answer to their own questions to begin with. It's uncanny that in this virtual Zeitgeist, I have more interaction with virtual friends than I have from someone across a coffee table. Can't complain - virtual is as real as it gets and the few friends I have, I keep.

With one full day left before my Singapore departure, I already ran out of money. Fortunately, while rumaging through my stuff, I found some Malaysian ringgit which I changed to Singapore dollars - that tided me through the day. With no money left, where do I go next after Singapore? I had a paid train ticket for Malacca, but what do I do there with no money whatsoever? As Dhamma would once again play its card on me, I got a PM from my Vietnamese friend who I traveled with before, "Come back to Saigon! You have a place here." The message was both timely and heart warming. In Saigon, I could pause and feel time stand still. I had been on a threadmill for the last 2 months without reprieve beginning from my Kuala Lumpur arrival - that was 60 days ago! The entire time, my mind was always racing, always fitting more than 24 hours in a day, always getting something done. I was already exhausted. Without my friend realizing it, she fulfilled my karmic process - Saigon!

Ending Thoughts
With the 30 days I spent in Singapore, I've bonded with the place. Perhaps not so much with people, but the place and the ideals it continue to strive for remain with me. I see Singapore as an idealized version of what the Philippines could have been if we only have honest and capable leadership. I rode its efficient and modern transport system, visited their world renowned public housing, repeatedly heard from Singaporeans themselves that even though it's a Chinese majority, the most competent person gets the job - be that person a Muslim Malay or a Hindu Indian. I look at Singapore's leaps and bounds and I can't help surmise, "so this is what happens when meritocracy is the rule of the game."

For all the bliss, abundance, challenges, self-doubt and setbacks I went through in Singapore, I am grateful. It's not everyday anyone can wing it through this city with no resources, no friends, no familiarity with the place, yet have the good fortune to stay in comfortable hotels, eat good food, drink cocktails, watch entertainment shows and get to practise yoga in an upscale studio. Somehow, the Red Sea parted to give me those accommodations. It is uncanny, even I, given all the good fortune that has been coming my way, still remain in disbelief.

It is with sadness that I learn of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's passing a day after I left Singapore. I would have wanted to be there and pay my last respects to the man I have long admired. Rest in peace Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. You will always come to mind when I think back on the meaningful moments I had in Singapore.

--- TheLoneRider

Next stop: Saigon, Vietnam

Google Map Singapore

tourist attractions in Singapore tourist attractions
  • Little India Little India - Little India is the main tourism hub in Singapore. Friday and Saturday nights become animated with the night market
  • Chinatown Chinatown -colorful and animated with Chinese ware shopping, sumptuous street food and hawker-style eats, try Ah Balling Peanut Soup
  • Orchard Road Orchard Road - upscale shopping and glitzy night life
  • Arab Street Arab Street - backpacker dorms, shisha smoking with Middle Eastern atmosphere
  • Singapore Zoo Singapore Zoo - experience the night zoo, S$38
  • Fountain of Wealth Fountain of Wealth - at Suntec City, largest fountain in the world (Guinness Book of Records in 1998), shop-til-you-drop
  • The Southern Ridges The Southern Ridges - best trekking trails in Singapore extending 10kms through lush forest canopy. Bring water, sunscreen and a hat
  • Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery - biggest Buddhist temple in Singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands - Singapore's most iconic building and most expensive at US$5.5B. Imagine a surf board on top of three skyscrapers
hotels in Singapore hotel
  • Arcadia Hotel Arcadia Hotel - stylish, modern, urbane, cool and confident. Jalan Besar district
    32 Hamilton Road, Singapore 209201
    +65 6718 0700 | | 1°18'42.0"N 103°51'41.1"E
  • 7 Wonders Hostel 7 Wonders Hostel - backpacker community, sleeping capsules, free wifi, complimentary breakfast, live English Premier League, dining, motion sensor lighting, alfresco outdoor sitting area
    257 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208930
    tel: (+65) 6291 3774 | 1°18'36.2"N 103°51'29.8"E
  • Meadows Hostel Meadows Hostel - newly opened, all new and clean, backpacker capsule beds, central Lavender District location, 24/7 compli tea and coffee, wifi, compli breakfast
    7A Hamilton Road, Kallang, Singapore, Singapore 209178
    tel: 6298.1323 | 1°18'40.2"N 103°51'38.0"E

my first night in Singapore...sharing my bunk bed in a dorm room with migrant workers -  SG$12, cheapest room I could find pounding the pavement for a hotel deal...couldn't last long if I keep paying cash no street food in Singapore...this is the simplest type of eating place after paying SG$5 for meals, I was so happy to find this SG$3 chicken rice dish...soon, I would discover cheaper eats!
whenever I hear people talk in Tagalog, I go up to them and greet them, 'kumusta ka?'. Some reciprocate the friendly gesture. Others are spooked! at a food court within a pubic housing complex where I discovered value-priced meals alone again, naturally...story of my life my SG$1 staple - roti prata in any Muslim eating place
my best value meal - $2.70 for a rice meal with 2 veggie dishes and one meat viand at Rice Garden (food court) meeting a Filipino family. I would default to them, talking about many things. It was good to have conversation again with folks from the Philippines I only have one white shirt so if I have back-to-back appointments, I have to hand-wash and iron it to be ready the following day the train system in Singapore is very efficient and the people exercising self-restrain - they won't elbow their way into a full train, but instead, wait for the next one
at Ideal Backpackers, there were a lot of seniors on long term stays. They have their own community within the hostel. Friendly people who would offer me drinks and food when they see me. the famous SG$1 Singapore street ice cream - thank you Jo Anne! there was a regular Falun Gong meditation. I wanted to join them but couldn't make it. I powerful is their meditation technique that China would feel threntened by it? China persecuted and tortured its membership in China the best and cheapest bus tour of Singapore - take the public double decker bus and stay on the very front row. You get ringside seat overlooking the street. You only pay regular fare!
the bicycle racks at the train station is a model to be emulated occasionally, I would breach my SG$3 meal threshold and indulge in something like a shrimp noodle soup - hey, life is short! losing myself at the Geylang Serai Market a rock climbing wall beside Yoga Inc. Studio. It was tempting but considering the marketing proposal I had to draft for free use (yes, I don't have money to pay for it), I begged off...too many high priority things I had to devote my time on
a SG$1 milk tea or teh tarik (pulled tea) is always satisfying. It's the only thing I would buy without having to worry about depleting my money even the coin operated laundry was expensive - SG$5 for the wash and SG$1/5 min on the dryer. I would do the wash but find creative ways to hang-dry my clothes at the hostel finding Manila Street in the Bugis area of Singapore. I wonder how this street got to be named this has got to be the coolest urban transport - it's lightweight with a carry-on strap, only about SG$180, good bearing for that extra glide and you can use it on sidewalks. You get fit too!
saw this poster of Lea Salonga for her May 23 concert, ticket starts at SG$48 wandering inside a museum stumbling upon a designer exhibit show while walking around some neighborhood Ferraris are common here...I still get mesmerized when I see one in fire engine red
my dorm bed lodging at Coziee finding a Botero sculpture. I always find his work scattered in the galleries of Asia - Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, etc. All his characters are fat. When asked why, he said, 'what fat?' enjoying my complimentary happy hour cocktail at Adonis Hotel wherever I end up, fitness remains a high priority. When I get sick, nobody will look after me
the rare occasion I would ride a bus - simply because trains are so efficient. The bus system is likewise very efficient - not surprising. This is Singapore! waking up in my plush Parc Sovereign Hotel room in the trendy Bugis area conducting a yoga class at Yoga Inc. finding a comfortable bean bag to chill after walking and walking the city streets - Singapore has no bad seat. I am wowed on every turn
at the airport...goodbye Singapore...and thank you...I mean, really...thank you!!!      

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Vi Suyt Dep GaiVi Suyt Dep Gai
(Apr 11, 2015) Thank you for your post! I do read it and its so easy to read and understand!

Rosemarie GendiveRosemarie Canada
(Apr 18, 2015) interesting little blurb about "counsel"... (no it isn't the only thing i read in all that. but still). Let's discuss that sometime. I like the article for it's candidness. To experience Singapore the way you did would have stressed me out. And yet I see it was peppered with moments of significant confluence and you left with a great deal of affection and gratitude for all the ups and downs. It ties in to a theme i've been exploring about making decisions from love and faith despite being cradled by societal conventions or even the perception of evidence which would rather supress us with, and have us make decisions from, fear. but despite seemingly limited resources u manifested hotel stays, free food, and basically everything u need when u needed it, plus occasional extras. Something else to discuss sometime maybe.

Mar 22, 2015 Hacking Singapore

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