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Fab People

Peoplescape of Singapore Aug. 8-22, 2016

Peoplescape of Singapore

GPS waypoint: 1°17'02.5"N 103°51'34.7"E
Location: Singapore

Fleeting and Far in Between
Unlike Ubud (Bali, Indonesia) where my peoplescape was one of a fast-turning revolving door, Singapore was more fleeting and far in between. Singapore is not a backpacker destination where spontaneous social interaction is expected and anticipated. The local culture doesn't lend itself to that and the visiting travelers are not the types you see sleeping on bunk beds in mixed dorm rooms. The few people I met however, were enriching and promised continuity in the not so distant future.

Singapore peoplescape
mosaic of Singapore's fabulous people

Eunice ChiaEunice
It was welcoming to see Eunice again. She was pretty much my anchoring peoplescape for Singapore. We had good bonding over yoga in Ubud, and Singapore seems like picking-up from where we left off. She gave me a welcome loot-bag with food and a spare Metro card upon my arrival in Singapore - wow, how thoughtful. I'm not used to this. Already, the immigration incident seemed like a lifetime in the past with her around. It was just wonderful and reassuring to be with Eunice again. Over coffee at a few cafes and over a sumptuous dinner at the.twenty.cavan, we talked, laughed, shared and talked some more. She even invited me to take the trip with her back to Malaysia to her hometown, Kluang to spend the weekend with her folks and siblings. In Kluang, our friendship spanned 3 countries in only 7 weeks (Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia)! What I thought to be a fleeting coffee chat with her during my Singapore visit proved to be a deepening friendship. It was an unexpected surprise I relish. She has taken on the non-corporate path in pursuit of her bliss. I share with her my affection and merits.

Kaoru TohPia
It's not everyday I meet a traveler from the Philippines, let alone a female solo traveler. Pia and I got along well, hanging out in coffee shops to chill and share stories. Like most of my friends who decided to follow their bliss, Pia also resigned her job to take her chance on the open road. We continue to touch base and I'm sure our paths will cross again. I am looking forward to it.

Katharina ThanelKatharina
Katharina and I had a 2-minute conversation at the Coziee Lodge before she checked out and disappeared. It was a fleeting talk but promising. We connected again in Facebook and spent time by the pool/food court and talked yoga, blogs, traveling, reality as we manifest it and the bright future up ahead. We were full of optimism. She left to do her first Vipassana. I can only hope our paths cross again. Stay well best goes with you.

Gian Paolo CheangPaolo
Another traveler from the Philippines, I met Paolo at Meadows Hostel while he was attending a course to upgrade his skill as a barrista. As a cafe owner of 528 Ilawod Cafe in Legazpi, Bicol (close to Donsol where you see the whale sharks), he's keen on upping his game - something I admire. He's young and forward-thinking. I'd be curious to see what he'll accomplish in the next 5 years.

Kerry WongKerry
My detention blog at Singapore's Immigration & Checkpoints Authority took traction and trended. As of this writing, it has over 443 shares and 1,200 Likes on Facebook. I was flooded with emails, PMs and comments largely by the Singaporean community who appreciated my position on what happened. One of them, Kerry, a soon-to-be chef, wanted to meet up...and we did, having her as my breakfast guest at Pinnacle Hotel. We covered a lot of ground in our marathon talk. With the internet's global reach, I am able to connect with people that would not have otherwise happened in an analog world. I challenged Kerry to come up with a signature dish...and having me as a dinner guest when that happens.

PauPau and GarnetPauPau and Garnet
They are a mother and daughter tandem. I didn't know them but we had common friends in Cebu in the yoga circuit. We met up in Facebook and decided to meet up in person at Bugis. We had more common friends. The both of them are into yoga and I taught yoga for 7 months in Cebu. When I visit Cebu again, I'll have one more studio on my list where I'll just surprise them.

Ending Thoughts
I'm stoked at the people-aspect of traveling - not so much the numbers but the quality time shared. Traveling by yourself is far from being lonely, contrary to what most people think. Some even mistake my domain name as ''. Since I travel alone, I have no social crutch. I'm free to talk to anyone and discover possiblities of human connection. This has been part of my peoplescape as I continue my journey. Even if the interaction only gets a 24-hour shelf life, if whatever purpose it serves has already been served, then it's good to be grateful and continue moving on. The next magnificent life is just around the bend.

--- TheLoneRider

Eunice meeting me upon my arrival in Singapore....good to see her again after Bali hanging out with Pia at  a nearby cafe had a spontaneous conversation with this local whose grandfather used to be the bodyguard of Singapore's first prime minister
meeting up with Eunice at The Coffee Shot in Lavender sumptuous dinner at the.twenty.cavan with Eunice. Chef Andrew and the tea expert lady join us for this pic chilling out at Tiramisu Hero with Pia
catching up with Katharina at her CouchSurfing digs poolside fun with Katharina coffee conversation with mom-daughter duo, PauPau and Garnet
with Paolo talking about bright prospects for his cafe in Bicol meeting up with Singaporean chef, Kerry Wong, who was curious to see me after reading about my dentention blog at Immigration last hurrah with Eunice. She was the first one to greet me when I arrived and the last one to see me through before I left.

Google Map Singapore

tourist attractions in Singapore tourist attractions
  • Little India Little India - Little India is the main tourism hub in Singapore. Friday and Saturday nights become animated with the night market
  • Chinatown Chinatown -colorful and animated with Chinese ware shopping, sumptuous street food and hawker-style eats, try Ah Balling Peanut Soup
  • Orchard Road Orchard Road - upscale shopping and glitzy night life
  • Arab Street Arab Street - backpacker dorms, shisha smoking with Middle Eastern atmosphere
  • Singapore Zoo Singapore Zoo - experience the night zoo, S$38
  • Fountain of Wealth Fountain of Wealth - at Suntec City, largest fountain in the world (Guinness Book of Records in 1998), shop-til-you-drop
  • The Southern Ridges The Southern Ridges - best trekking trails in Singapore extending 10kms through lush forest canopy. Bring water, sunscreen and a hat
  • Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery - biggest Buddhist temple in Singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands - Singapore's most iconic building and most expensive at US$5.5B. Imagine a surf board on top of three skyscrapers
hotels in Singapore hotel
  • Arcadia Hotel Arcadia Hotel - stylish, modern, urbane, cool and confident. Jalan Besar district
    32 Hamilton Road, Singapore 209201
    +65 6718 0700 | | 1°18'42.0"N 103°51'41.1"E
  • 7 Wonders Hostel 7 Wonders Hostel - backpacker community, sleeping capsules, free wifi, complimentary breakfast, live English Premier League, dining, motion sensor lighting, alfresco outdoor sitting area
    257 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208930
    tel: (+65) 6291 3774 | 1°18'36.2"N 103°51'29.8"E
  • Meadows Hostel Meadows Hostel - newly opened, all new and clean, backpacker capsule beds, central Lavender District location, 24/7 compli tea and coffee, wifi, compli breakfast
    7A Hamilton Road, Kallang, Singapore, Singapore 209178
    tel: 6298.1323 | 1°18'40.2"N 103°51'38.0"E

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Aug. 8-22, 2016

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Arcadia Hotel, Singapore
Arcadia Hotel
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7 Wonders Hostel
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