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I'm in  Danang, Vietnam, caphe phin sua da anyone? Email me. -- TheLoneRider

Danang Wall Art art
Danang Wall Art
(Nov 8 - Dec 8, 2018) Coming Soon!

Revisiting DaNang, Vietnam traveling

Revisiting DaNang, Vietnam

(Nov 8, 2018) Danang is bustling! I was here 2.5 years ago and what once were empty lots are now high-rise hotels, restaurants and cafes. It seems like a party town. It's energetic and with all the new establishments trying to get settled, I just might make a few bucks here.....more »»

30 Days - Goodbye Bangkok traveling

30 Days - Goodbye Bangkok

(Nov 8, 2018) After a full 30 days, it was time to pack-up again for a new country. Bangkok this time around offered a different flavor - like it always does. I didn't struggle this time. People came and went but some stayed within my orbit. I had a barter roof over my head, barter resto deal for me and friends, work kept me busy, and a newfound abundance came in the form of a donation....more »»

Revolving Peoplescape of Bangkok people

Revolving Peoplescape of Bangkok

(Oct 8 - Nov 8, 2018) Bangkok's peoplecape is a revolving door - a kaleidoscope of personalities, experience, insight and narratives. Individually, they are animated with layered dimensions. Collectively, they can move mountains!....more »»

Food and Friendship at Dalad Vietnamese restaurantreview

Food and Friendship at Dalad Vietnamese

(Oct 8 - Nov 8, 2018) With my partnership with Dalad Vietnamese Restaurant, I was able to say 'thanks' to the wonderful people who have been so generous to me by inviting them there for good eats and relaxing ambiance. Yes, it's also my default place to invite new acquaintances for great food and engaging conversation.....more »»

Movie Review: First Reformed (2017) movie

Movie Review: First Reformed (2017)

(Nov 6, 2018) First Reformed is Paul Schrader's unbridled movie about a tormented priest (Ethan Hawke) in a suburban congregation who is torn about his past, climate change and loneliness....more »»

Doing Online Work at The Work Loft traveling

Doing Online Work at The Work Loft

(Nov 5, 2018) Located in the bustling Sala Daeng area, it's a clean, quiet, expansive loft-style open space with a professional-hip feel to it. It looks like a trendy cafe without a barista.....more »»

Window Seat [His Precious] lucid

Window Seat [His Precious]

(Nov 1, 2018) On the ferry along the Chao Phraya River, a man on the window seat was getting drenched because rain water was getting channeled down to his seat. He was so miserable trying to keep himself dry by redirecting the water but to no avail. It would seem like a normal thing that can happen to anyone. Then a realization hit me!....more »»

Surreal Odyssey at Bangkok Float Center meditation

Surreal Odyssey at Bangkok Float Center

(Oct 29/31, 2018) You don't have to go to the Dead Sea to float in extremely salty water. Here in Bangkok, the Bangkok Float Center gives you a surreal sensory stillness that is usually achieved through meditation. Your body is rebooted as the water supports your entire body weight, shape and size. It has to be experienced...more »»

Bangkok Halloween with Rinna and Steve chillout

Bangkok Halloween with Rinna and Steve

(Oct 27, 2018) I've always been a ninja during Halloween. Now, I donned a barf and elephant pants and came as a farang! Halloweens are fun. One of the few days in a year grown-ups can be kids again.....more »»

Push-Ups fitness


(Oct 22/24, 2018) One-hand push-up, deep push-up...the many ways you can play with push-ups....more »»

Pad Thai at Thip Samai, Bangkok restaurant review

Pad Thai at Thip Samai, Bangkok

(Oct 16, 2018) At least on the internet, the runaway pad thai bestseller is Thip Samai Restaurant. One site even stated that 9 out of 10 locals will mention Thip Samai as the pad thai place of choice. It was my birthday and I had been craving for pad thai the last couple of days. So I planned my bus route for this fabled pad thai place. And the verdict is....more »»

Birthday Walkabout traveling

Birthday Walkabout

(Oct 16, 2018) Okay, I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore, I know that. But am I old now? Hmmm...let me take stock of how I am. At an age where my people my age would lug about with their beer bellies, take a handful of morning medication, struggle to climb a flight of stairs, and make frequent trips to their doctors, what do I do?...more »»

Coming to Terms with Donations lucid

Coming to Terms with Donations

(Oct 14, 2018) I have survived 6 years on the open road with very little money - but I've managed to survive. It means I can take this indefinitely. So why would I open up now for a donation? I'll call it an epiphany. And it happened just moments ago...more »»

Feelin' Da Blues at Adhere the 13th Blues Bar chill

Feelin' Da Blues at Adhere the 13th Blues Bar

(Oct 12, 2018) The Blues don't happen everyday in Asia. If it does, you have to look hard for it. But when you find it, you drop everything for it. It's my 2nd time at Adhere the 13th Blues Bar and they still have the edge. With UP buddy Chai, we drowned the Blues away with our Beerlao....more »»

Visiting the Grand Palace of Thailand traveling

Visiting the Grand Palace of Thailand

(Oct 12, 2018) The Grand Palace of Thailand was built in 1782 when King Rama sat on the throne. It served as his residence and the seat of his government. The palace system is ostentatious with all the glitter and dazzle. It houses the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha....more »»

A Web Mandate in Bangkok traveling

A Web Mandate in Bangkok

(Oct 8, 2018) After Yangon, skyscanner's cheapest airfare was $46 for Bangkok. Again? I was there for a month just 2 weeks ago! But the die was cast. Next thing to do is secure my lodging. With a web offer that was accepted, I was assured a 30-day stay in Bangkok. Let's see what mini-life awaits.....more »»


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