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One-Way Link

One-Way Text Link

You can have a one-way text link to your website from any one of the following sections for only $100/year/section:

Why and not any other site? is ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing (you can easily verify this).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as of Sep 26, 2010:
Keywords: "traveling, mountain biking, skin diving"

  • Google search result ranking: #1 out of 272,000 search results
  • Bing search result ranking: #1 out of 1,260,000 search results
  • Yahoo search result ranking: #1 out of 1,240,000 search results

Given my high search engine ranking, any one-way link coming from my site will:

  • increase your company's visibility on the internet
  • enhance the search engine ranking of your site as well
  • redirect traffic to your site
  • result in increased revenue (presumably)

What you need to provide:

  • section you want the link placed to: bike tours? bike manufacturer? online bike shop? cool sites?)
  • url: your website (eg -
  • title: this will be the actual text link (eg. - Company MTB Tours)
  • max 30-word description: (eg. experience a once in a ifetime tour of panoramic landscape as you ride down a mountain ridge....)

Once I receive your company info, I'll let you know how to remit payment. When my bank confirms credit of the your payment, your one-way link goes live.

Email me at:

One-Way Banner Advertising

If you want your logo/banner displayed on the same section as well, I can have it placed on the right panel (view the Merrell example) subject to the following dimension:

  • width: 125 pixels
  • height: any height (fee is based on height)

$1/pixle height. (eg. a height of 125 pixels is $125.00 for 1 year). If you don't have a banner, I can create one that's consistent with the look and feel of your website for an additional $100.00. Banner top-placement will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Best to advertise ahead of anyone else to ensure optimum placement.

Email me at:

--- TheLoneRider

** reserves the right to refuse advertisers whose line of business is not consistent with the tenets of this site. All currencies in US$ dollars and all amounts are net of bank charges.


Merrell example:

Merrell Switchback