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Third Eye

March 8, 2006 Wednesday

Third Eye

The earliest recollection I have about the third eye is in high school when my classmate Tots Tolentino (yes, the famous sax player) said you can do astral projection through the third eye. Next, an acquiantance told me that people who have their third eye open 'see' things we don't...hideous-looking elementals from the 'other side'. They say it's a curse and would rather have their 'eye' closed permanently. On the other hand, Gina Lopez (of ABS-CBN fame) claimed that by opening the third eye, you 'awaken' into a cosmic level of consciousness...roughly, an enlightenment or sorts.

Too many conflicting assertions...which is which? Well, there's only one way to find out - read up on it, do all the exercises until the third eye opens...and tell the world about it.

Easier said than done. I've said exactly the same thing about astral travel...having read and re-read books, doing all the exercises, but I'm still on solid earth...UP Diliman, to be exact.

What is it...really?
The third eye is not a physical organ but an etheric one...something like our soul. It exists, but can't be quantified or measured. It serves as a portal to the bigger picture of existence. I'll use Plato's example. Suppose you lived in a cave all your life. In your world, the entire universe is the cave and nothing else. Opening the third eye enables you to step out of the cave and see a far bigger, more dimensional world than the cave.

In Hinduism, they talk about spiritually refining a life over several cycles until Nirvana is achieved. When Buddha achieved such enlightenment, he said, "I am now awake". The book I'm reading now talks about the awakening of the third eye as a means of accelerating the 'waking up' process...creating a shortcut to enlightenment. Sounds like a 'get rich quick' scheme? maybe. I'm not a believer of short cuts either but following its principles and tenets in pursuit of enlightenment isn't like betting the ranch either.

Awakening the Third Eye - the book
Somehow, I was able to borrow this book. It's not another theoretical book on the subject, but a 'how-to' book, complete with exercises on how to open the third eye. It's description of the third eye is the same as Gina Lopez's (she actually endorsed the book during the Family Wellness Festival). I've only read the first chapter. It initially talks about friction breathing in the larynx similar (but not the same) to the Udaji breathing of yoga. This method is supposed to sensitize you to the flow of energy around you. This is not surprising. All these spiritual approaches are not mutually exclusive. They usually talk about the same thing but with a different approach or leaning.

Lingering Thoughts
Why am I doing this? Well, if there is really a third eye that can unveil the true meaning of life and widen my horizon...or take me to spiritual places (astral planes, etc.) and enable me to interact with elementals from a different dimension...wouldn't that be the ultimate adventure? Beyond the physical attributes of the experience, I could imagine it to be a life-transforming catalyst into a deeper appreciation of life...of people around us...of how we fit into a whole we don't even see. Like I said, there's only one way to find out. I'll be writing more about the third eye as I progress into the book.

--- TheLoneRider

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