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King Kong December 20, 2005 Tuesday

King Kong
Rating: starstarstarstarstar

If I'm not mistaken, this would be the 3rd version of the movie. The first one being the black-and-white and the 2nd was the hyped multi-million dollar production by Dino de Laurentis starring Jessica Lange. I wasn't interested. I thought it was another cheap shot at a classic, this time, using animation as a new-millenium offering. However, when I saw Peter Jackson's name as director, the same guy who directed Lord of the Rings, I just had to see it.

Before, animation would be showcased by showing the figure doing a nearly monotonous movement in fast-forward mode. That kinda defined what the technology offered (think Anaconda). This movie took it a step further. The chase scene with the Tyrannosaurus Rex going after the herd of Brachiasaurus and getting the latter pile up on top of the other was state-of-the-art. The battle between Kong and the 3 T. Rex was another highlight. These scenes would pretty much be the benchmark from which animation will be gauged on.

Human Connection
It almost worked. Jackson capitalized on the connection between Kong and the girl as the redeeming quality of the movie...the prolonged teary-eyed look of the girl...Kong's somewhat questioning look at what was happening. It was doing it for me until I noticed it. It was laid on too thick. An audience should just experience the sensation without noticing it. It was a good try though for human drama.

Ending Thoughts
Perhaps it would be unfair to expect another "Lord of the Rings" caliber from Jackson on this one. The Rings was life-altering to some people. This was a good opportunity for him to try his hand at other things. I think he did a fairly good job...not fantastic, but fairly good. I'd see another Peter Jackson film when it happens.

--- TheLoneRider

December 20, 2005

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