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An Unfinished Life December 10, 2005 Saturday

An Unfinished Life
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When I found out that admission to the, Art of War, a mixed martial arts competition between the Philippines and China at the Araneta Coliseum started at P418, I bailed out. Wandering around Gateway Mall with a loaned P200 in my pocket, I chanced on a movie poster of An Unfinished Life - with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. These guys never do a bad movie. I bought a ticket and waited for the screening.

The Movie
The movie was handled very delicately with a lot of sensitivity and subtlety that implied more than it stated. It felt like seeing the top of the're left wondering how huge the underneath is. The movie dealt about friendship and coming to terms with the past...of letting go...of forgiving, and moving on.

Screen Synergy
Redford and Freeman pulled it off with screen synergy I haven't seen since Redford and Paul Newman did "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "The Sting". Morgan's signature underacting and Redford's borderline-grumpy-old-man role gave away a friendship that goes down deep.

Ending Thoughts
Like most of us, we may not be aware how much baggage from the past we're carrying. We could be burdened to the point of immobility but remain totally oblivious to the load we carry...until someone reminds us or until something happens forcing us to deal with the issues. Realizing that, the challenge becomes clearing the baggage to make room for new things...and move on. Living in the past vs. learning from the past - as academic as it sounds, the choices are not nearly that easy...sometimes.

--- TheLoneRider

December 10, 2005

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