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Burner Prom Night counter culture
Burner Prom Night
February 28, 2004

Burners have a knack for outdoing themselves. Prom Night is no exception, thanks in large part to Rhonda and everyone else who, in typical Burmer fashion, made it a selfless collective effort. I missed my high school prom. Thanks to them, I no longer have to ask myself, "What's it like?". Burners rule! -- TheLoneRider

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Burner Comments:

Darren Joy (Tue, 9 Mar 2004)
best prom night ever. we gotta do more shit like this.. as Jenn can attest, i love to dance like a wacked out jack-a-mole.

Amazon (Sun, 29 Feb 2004)
OMG!! That was the best prom EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Like OHMIGAWD! Thank you all for (sniff) voting me Prom Queen! (ha! BLAIIIRRRRRRRE!) and um like yeah. Like thank you Cindy and Blaire all the pink girls for like everything and like Blair You. are. so. dead. Troy, I think I LOVE YOU!!!Buuuut Like dont talk to me in public though ohkeh? Like gag me with a SpOON! BURNER PROM 2004 YOU ROCK!!!! (kisses, but dont touch the hair!)

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