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Sunday Visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market traveling

Sunday Visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market

(July 17, 2018) No visit to Bangkok is complete without a visit to the very popular Chatuchak Weekend Market. Chatuchak is HUGE, spanning 35 acres and claims to be the world's biggest weekend market. It has 15,000 stalls and receives 200,000 visitors per week!....more »»

Post-India Bangkok IV traveling

Post-India Bangkok IV

(July 10, 2018) After a 29-hour stay in India's New Delhi airport, I was so relieved to be in Bangkok, Thailand! I thought India wouldn't let go of me! This is my 4th time in Bangkok and it's still exciting - the food scene, the vibrant city energy, the cool Thais, etc. I'm already thinking, I can live here!....more »»

16 Days in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala: Goodbye India traveling

16 Days in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala: Goodbye India

(June 23-July 8, 2018) With an offer to teach yoga and a barter-deal for a roof over my head, I left the bliss of Upper Bhagsu to stay 16 days at Pema Thang Guest House in McLeod Ganj. It was a different scene altogether and a different challenge.....more »»

Peoplescape of Dharamshala, India people

Peoplescape of Dharamshala, India

(June 14 - July 8, 2018) Like Rishikesh, most of the people I met in Dharamshala came to pursue their spiritual path. The higher up in elevation they settle at (from McLeod Ganj, going up to Dharamcot/Bhagsu, to Upper Dharamcot/Upper Bhagsu), the more filtered they got towards the path. But every once in a while, I'd meet someone interesting in McLeod Ganj as well.....more »»

Peoplescape of Dharamshala - Marleen people

Peoplescape of Dharamshala: Marleen

(June 30, 2018) Getting a good sense and comfort level with each other, Marleen and I agreed to base our friendship on radical honesty. It's not for everyone as it demands a lot of non-reaction, dissolution of ego and 'rising above'....more »»

Peoplescape of Dharamshala - Greg Goldstein people

Peoplescape of Dharamshala: Greg Goldstein

(June 26, 2018) Greg has been a reassuring constant since I met him in Rishikesh. A wonderful human being and kindred soul, I am thankful to have met him. I'd like to think we are karmically entangled with paths crossing again in another place and time....more »»

Peoplescape of Dharamshala - Eva people

Peoplescape of Dharamshala: Eva

(July 1, 2018) Unlike most of the people in Upper Bhagsu who came for spiritual pursuit, Eva came to heal and finish some academic work as well. Yes, she's involved in the academe - dedicated, smart and comes across as all-business and no-nonsense, bordering on aloof...more »»

Peoplescape of Dharamshala - Lauren Skae people

Peoplescape of Dharamshala: Lauren Skae

(July 2, 2018) This meeting has got to be one of the most serendipitous I've ever had. It seemed like a karmic process that had to happen - definitely not coincidence. Karmic entanglement!...more »»

Peoplescape of Dharamshala - Nico people

Peoplescape of Dharamshala: Nico

(July 2, 2018) In this day of dime-a-dozen self-proclaimed gurus who crave to be the next Youtube sensation but are only a week ahead of their students, I truly respect Nico and Rajnika's balance and restrain. Had I continued my stay in Upper Bhagsu, I would have religiously attended their morning chi gong classes...more »»

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