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Jeffrey's Cardio Program fitness

Jeffrey's Cardio Program

(Feb 26, 2018) Always on a lookout for a new and interesting workout routine, Jeffrey introduced a new cardio program for our morning routine....more »»

CT Scan Result slice of life

CT Scan Result

(Feb 23, 2018) With so much apprehension and speculation that has built-up, I finally took the ct scan to determine what exactly is the damage and what my prospects are. It felt like a cliff hanger...more »»

The Silent Killer has Arrived Slice of Life

The Silent Killer has Arrived

(Feb 19-22, 2018) On the 8th day, my head started spinning - I could not even stand up unless I hold on to something. This went on without reprieve for the rest of the day. I couldn't function. If there was nothing serious about my fall, I should be on the way to recovery. But a symptom like this appearing after 8 days? I guess the silent killer has arrived.....more »»

24+ Days at Lyn's Backpackers Inn traveling

24+ Days at Lyn's Backpackers Inn

(Jan 23 - Feb 16, 2018) After Fox and Firefly, I used-up my remaining 24 days of room credit at Lyn's Backpackers Inn. This meant coming back to a place and people that are dear to me - back to a quiet residencial compound of the Huertes where sikwate, fruits and fresh farm produce are there for the asking.....more »»

Calisthenics with Jeffrey fitness

Calisthenics with Jeffrey

(Feb 7, 2018) With calisthenics, Jeffrey and I attempt to build, define and tone muscle mass using body weight - no big and heavy barbells. There is no element of cardio here, no flexibility routine - just pumping body weight to the point of failure while synthronizing breath with movement.....more »»

Abs-Core Workout with Jeffrey fitness

Abs-Core Workout with Jeffrey

(Feb 5, 2018) After doing the high-intensity interval cardio workout with Jeffrey, we decided to strengthen our core - abdominals, obliques and the lower back muscles: 360 degrees of solid reinforcement. Of course, this was followed by pranayama and meditation....more »»

High Intensity Cardio Workout fitness

High Intensity Cardio Workout

(Feb 2, 2018) Instead of hammering on our bikes, Jeffrey and I tried doing Chris Heria's high intensity interval cardio workout - great for stamina, weight loss and lightness of being. This was followed by pranayama and meditation - fired-up body, decluttered mind and emotional stillness while others were still asleep....more »»

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