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Boat Ride to the Floating Village of Day-asan, Surigao City June 12, 2013

Boat Ride to the Floating Village of Day-asan, Surigao City

GPS waypoint: N9 46.200 E125 32.130
Location: Brgy. Day-asan, Surigao City, Province of Surigao del Norte

Houses on Stilts
Day-asan Village grew from a mangrove forest within a wide river system close to the sea opening. Most of the houses are on stilts along the river bank and the primary mode of transportation to get from house to house is by boat. Day-asan Village by itself is still part of the mainland and you can go there on land. From its port, it becomes a boat ride to get from point A to point B. Tucked within the safety of the mangroves, the houses are kept safe from an angry sea or strong hellacious winds. The best way to see the entire village is by boat (of course!)

map location Floating Village of Day-asan, Surigao City

Flat Rock of Dapia
Further out of the river and into the sea are the Dapia Rocks. The Flat Rock of Dapia is quite interesting. It looks like a man-made concrete floor with grooves giving it a matrix look, but it's all natural. It's broad, about a quarter size of a basketball court, slightly elevated from the sea (about 6 inches) and juts out from the shore serving as a broad flat plank to disembark on. You can walk around it. You can even lay out the picnic blanket and have your breakfast there.

Dapia Beach
A little beyond the Dapia Rock is the white sand of Dapia Beach. The beach used to be wider but a typhoon moved the sand to a submerged section that caused it to be become shallow. This creates a new opportunity - you can start swimming on one part where the current is stong, be swept away (just don't panic) and then find yourself standing on that shallow portion! It was the boatman, Manong Julito, giving all these tips.

Ending Thoughts
The boat cruise on Day-asan's floating village is one of the more pleasant things you can do in Surigao City. Given the calm water and many river chanels to go through, a kayak is an excellent alternative to discover the nooks and crannnies of this idyllic village.

Many many thanks to Mitch, Mae and Mr. Caloy of the local tourism office! Many thanks too to Ms. Merlin and Ms. Ping for all the 'behind-the-scene' arrangements to make this tour happen.

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively cover the features of your city or municipality or barangay for this website (fiesta, waterfall, mountain trail, lake, river, cave, food, islands, beach, etc.), email me.

What lessened the tour experience for me was the deafening roar of the boat motor. It was hard for me to fully appreciate the serenity of cruising along the placid waters of the mangrove forest while having this jackhammer inside my ear. On a prolonged ride, it could be painful (like the boatride from Surigao to Buenavista...and there was even a baby on board!). It was impossible to have a conversation while the boat was running. Tourists go to these places to be away from all that city noise...and yet you are assaulted by the loud motor.

The thing is, when the boatmen buy these motors new, they come with a muffler (they call it the silencer). They cut it out and instead, put a straight pipe to give it that roar! Why do they cut it up? Because a silent motor is not macho! At least that's what one boatman from Palawan said. Another boatman said the silencer caused the engine to overheat! What? The muffler comes with the motor from the factory. It took a lot of engineering design to put that muffler there. How could it overheat? Another boatman said the motor will not fit the boat hull with a muffler. If so, then they can put a pipe adapter to make it fit! Given their ingenuity for "band-aid solutions", that should be fairly easy. So far, I haven't heard any valid argument why they should remove the muffler. And I would believe that it's really the macho image behind all this. Asking the boatmen to put the muffler back won't work.

Here's what might work. The tourism office gives these boat operators business by referring tourists to them. What if the Tourism Office accredits the boats...and one requirement for accreditation is having a muffler on the boat? Now were talking. You're not arm-twisting the boat operators so nobody can cry foul. But since it means money in their pockets to have a silent boat, then they just might shed the machismo away to accommodate loose change in their pockets.

Seriously, I think the muffler system is a good idea. I'm surprised I haven't heard anyone take issue with that annoying practice - it's high time!

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Julito Catarman To make arrangements for the Birok Islet Snorkeling and Day-asan Floating Village Tour, contact:

Julito Catarman
c/o Surigao Tourism Office
phone: (086)826.8064 / (086)231.7228 | email:
Rate: P500/boat/4 hours/5 persons


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Haidee BustillosHaidee Bustillos
(June 16, 2013) Machismo... seriously???

"Machismo... seriously???" -- Haidee Bustillos
(June 12, 2013) ...that is according to a boatman in Palawan. The conversation was about Chris Larsen using a sail. He was approached by the boatman and said he should really use an engine because with no loud engine noise, it's not manly. Go figure!

June 12, 2013

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