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Prana Mudra meditation

Prana Mudra

(Sep 21, 2019) Prana Mudra, given its namesake, is the life giver and life enhancer. This mudra energizes mind and body and puts it to balance.....more »»

Vayu (Pranic Wind) yoga

Vayu (Pranic Wind)

(Sep 20, 2019) Vayu (or Prana Vayu) is not widely known in yoga, but I keep encountering this word as I do my readings in yoga and pranayama. It seems to be an energetic wind element that is both powerful and obscure. Time to roll up my sleeves and find out more about it.....more »»

Apana Mudra meditation

Apana Mudra

(Sep 20, 2019) Apana Mudra is essential in removing all toxins that should not be in the body through urination, sweating and defecation. It leaves the body clean and optimized.....more »»

Varun Mudra meditation

Varun Mudra

(Sep 19, 2019) Varun Mudra is good for water retention, improving skin conditions, detoxification, retaining youth, blood disorders and Gastroenteritis....more »»

Surya Mudra meditation

Surya Mudra

(Sep 18, 2019) Want to lose weight? Surya Mudra is the best mudra choice. It also helps in thyroid problems and brings about peace of mind. That's a handful for one mudra!....more »»

2-Week Yoga Challenge by Agnese Erba yoga

2-Week Yoga Challenge by Agnese Erba

(Sep 17, 2019) Agnese just arrived in Chiang Mai with a 2-week time frame. What to do? Without missing a day, she initiated a 2-week daily yoga challenge at Nong Buak Hard Park for anyone interested in taking up the challenge. Whoa! What derring-do!...more »»

Prithvi Mudra meditation

Prithvi Mudra

(Sep 17, 2019) Prithvi Mudra represent the earth and fire element. Together, with thumb and index fingers touching, they enhance the physical wellness of the body. The body becomes resilient, strong and endowed with a glow. Weight gain for fullness of body is achieved.....more »»

Movie Review: Farewell Song (2019) movies

Movie Review: Farewell Song (2019)

(Sep 16, 2019) This is a Japanese movie about 3 musicians on the road having heart issues with one another. Since they couldn't act-out their emotions, leading to disruptive behavior, they all decided that the last gig on their tour will be their last.....more »»

Shunya Mudra meditation

Shunya Mudra

(Sep 16, 2019) Shunya Mudra is a therapeutic mudra for ear ailments and should not be continued when the cure is achieved. The thumb touches the back of the middle finger for 45 minutes. The beneficial effect is felt shortly after 10 minutes.....more »»

Akash Mudra meditation

Akash Mudra

(Sep 15, 2019) The Akash Mudra - thumb and middle finger connect fire and sky. It is primarily a heart opener and cures physical ailments of the heart as well. Ear and bone disorders are treated. This mudra should be practiced for 15 minutes, 3x/day.....more »»

Gyana Mudra meditation

Gyana Mudra

(Sep 15, 2019) Gyana Mudra is the most known and widely practiced mudra. Statues of dieties and Buddha are depicted in Gyana Mudra. This mudra activates the pituitary and pineal glands of the brain, improves memory, concentration and comprehension.....more »»

The Mudra Project meditation

The Mudra Project

(Sep 13, 2019) Mudras are hand/finger gestures designed to balance the energy flow within the body. The 5 fingers represent the 5 elements within the body - fire, air, sky, earth and water. Any imbalance within the 5 cause dis-ease. The many ways fingers touch each other in mudras help in restoring balance and healing the body, mind and spirit.....more »»

Movie Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) movies

Movie Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

(Sep 12, 2019) This is a star-studded movie with big names playing cameo roles. Leonardo geting top billing vs Brad Pitt? Anything can happen in Hollywood! The movie is a throw-back to the hippie era in 1969 when Charles Manson stole the global scene. But the movie focused on the Hollywood star Rick Dalton (Leonardo di Caprio) and his stunt double, driver and Man Friday, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt).....more »»

Sunday Vinyasa Flow with Marina Forster yoga

Sunday Vinyasa Flow with Marina Forster

(Sep 8, 2019) It was Marina's debut yoga teaching class. Definitely a big step in the right direction. Steeped in athletics and classroom teaching, she was fit and able to articulate clear instructions with a little chutzpah to wit....more »»

Movie Review: Yesterday (2019) movies

Movie Review: Yesterday (2019)

(Sep 3, 2019) A glitch in the happened transports Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) to a parallel universe where The Beatles, Coke, Harry Potter, etc. never happended. He then took on all the Beatles songs as his and became an overnight global success....more »»

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