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October 2019 Blogs

Anushasan Mudra meditation

Anushasan Mudra

(Oct 18, 2019) Discipline and leadership are developed. Success is brought about by better work performance. Personality is enhanced.....more »»

Ling Mudra meditation

Ling Mudra

(Oct 17, 2019) Ling Mudra generates heat in the body, increases metabolic rate, puts passion and fire back into life....more »»

Learning Thai with Cee teaching

Learning Thai with Cee

(Oct 13, 2019) Learning Thai from a white guy? Yes, and it couldn't be better. Cee knows and speaks Thai by heart with even a local accent. But as a fluent English speaker, he can articulate the nuances of the Thai language and answer our questions in a way a Thai teacher (with limited English) cannot...more »»

Uddiyana Bandha Mudra yoga

Uddiyana Bandha Mudra

(Oct 7, 2019) This mudra redirects the prana vayu (life giving force) into the sushumna (central energy channel), resulting in samadhi (deep meditative state where the I is dissolved) results...more »»

Nabho Mudra yoga

Nabho Mudra

(Oct 9, 2019) Nabho Mudra rolls the tongue up with a breath-hold. All weaknesses of the body will be replaced with proper strength.....more »»

Movie Review: Joker (2019) movies

Movie Review: Joker (2019)

(Oct 8, 2019) After Heath Ledger's benchmark-busting portrayal of the Joker, what actor in his right mind would attempt to fill-in those unfathomable shoes? Who is he who dare say he is worthy? Joaquim Phoenix? Let's see if he measures up....more »»

Maha Mudra yoga

Maha Mudra

(Oct 7, 2019) Maha Mudra takes the form of the Janu Sirsasana asana. But because it is essential, it not simply an asana but also a mudra that cures Tuberculosis, Asthma, breathing problems, coughing, constipation, indigestion, spleen problems.....more »»

20 Essential Mudras by T. Krishnamacharya yoga

20 Essential Mudras by T. Krishnamacharya

(Oct. 6, 2019) T. Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga, prescribes 20 essential mudras consisting of hand, head, postural, lock and perineal positions to ward-off disease and clear the energy channels.....more »»

Vayu Mudra meditation

Vayu Mudra

(Oct 1, 2019) Perform this mudra in diseased conditions only and stop when cured of paralysis, uncontrolled movement of limbs, traumatic pain, Parkinson's Disease, and arthritis.....more »»

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