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Pasini Mudra yoga

Pasini Mudra

(Nov 20, 2019) Pasini Mudra is an advanced pose very few people can do. Take the two legs and place them behind the neck. This helps in awakening the kundalini shakti....more »»

Aswini Mudra yoga

Aswini Mudra

(Nov 18, 2019) Aswini Mudra is the repetitive closing and relaxing of the anal muscles. This cures ailments of the rectum including hemorrhoids and constipation....more »»

Sambhavi Mudra yoga

Sambhavi Mudra

(Nov 16, 2019) After profusely shedding tears from a fixed-pointed gazing (trataka abhyasa), fix the gaze on the mid-brow or on the Ajna Chakra. This gives rise to ekagrata citta (single-pointedness of the mind) and develops dhyana siddhi (supernatural powers from meditation)....more »»

Manduka Mudra yoga

Manduka Mudra

(Nov 15, 2019) Manduka Mudra prevents any disease to affect the body. It prevents aging, does not allow greying of hair, and protects the body....more »»

Movie Review: Midway (2019) movies

Movie Review: Midway (2019)

(Nov 15, 2019) Midway is the US version of the greatest battle of WWII in the Pacific against the Japanese Imperial Navy, through the lives of the American heroes who fought the war.....more »»

Tataka Mudra yoga

Tataka Mudra

(Nov 14, 2019) Tataka Mudra cures all diseases related to the stomach. If this is practised every day without fail for 15 minutes, all the bad diseases of the stomach will be removed....more »»

Movie Review: Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) movies

Movie Review: Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

(Nov 11, 2019) Not sure how to rate a stupid movie that was designed to be stupid in the first place. If you like zombie movies, see it. But still, I maintain that a zombie movie can still be made good without looking stupid.....more »»

Sakti Calana Mudra yoga

Sakti Calana Mudra

(Nov 10, 2019) Sakti Calana Mudra gains control of the prana leading to Samadhi Siddhi by doing an out-breath hold (Bahya Kumbhaka), tucking the tummy (Uddiyana Bandha) and firmly closing the nostrils....more »»

Vajroli Mudra yoga

Vajroli Mudra

(Nov 9, 2019) This is a method to recover a man's semen from a woman's vagina by having his sex organ suck-up the semen back - like strawing it up! This mudra is extreme and perhaps has no place in modern day society....more »»

COFFEEMATES and BREADMATES at Nawa Saraan Healing Space people


(Oct to Nov 5, 2019) At Nawa Saraan Healing Space, yogis-reikis-shamans-meditators-DJs-ecstatic_dancers and kindred souls gather for friendship, community, good energy, homemade carrot bread, homemade Thai peanut butter and Vietnamese coffee.....more »»

Yoni Mudra yoga

Yoni Mudra

(Nov 1, 2019) Yoni Mudra washes away the 5 great sins and hastens Samadhi...more »»

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