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Island Tour of Siquijor Apr 22, 2010

Island Tour of Siquijor

The following day after Kram's wedding, all first-time guests (including me), we taken around the island for a tour of Siquijor's wonders. No better way to see the island than from above the jeep, so Kram and I top-loaded ourselves for one majestic ride.

Visual Diary
At this point, I'll just let the pictures provide you a visual diary of what took place that day.


Ending Thoughts
The more I see the nooks and crannies of Siquijor, I more I'm enchanted by her charm. Within its coastal area are fine beaches and awesome dive sites. Within its interior are natural springs, ancient trees, waterfalls, caves, mountains, etc. The people of Siquijor are indeed blessed to have such bounty from mother nature.

--- TheLoneRider

Siquijor / Dumaguete Boat Trips

  • Ocean Jet - 255.7560,,
    • Dgte-Siquijor 7:30am / 10:30am / 3:30pm (best to call first)
  • Delta Fast Ferry - P160, 45 mins, (035)400.6043, +(63)917.532.3588
    • Dgte-Siquijor Town 9am / 10:15am / 1:30pm / 4:30pm
    • Larena-Dgte 5:35am
    • Siquijor-Dgte 5:55am / 10:15 / 12:30 pm / 3:00pm
  • Jaylann - P120, 1-1.75 hours depending on boat, 3 boats, dialy trips except Saturday, (035)480.5534, +(63)915.891.1426
    • Siquijor-Dgte 5:50am / 7:00am / 9:30am / 1:00pm / 3:45pm
    • Dgte-Siquijor 5:45am / 10:15am / 12:00pm / 2:00pm / 4:30pm

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Dumaguete cafe
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