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Astral Projection

October 9, 2002 Wednesday

Workout: none whatsoever. This is bad.

IV Lounge

I got an invite from Bethany to a DJ gig at IV Lounge for some good martinis and nice OM-like atmosphere. The spirit to come was there but after French class, I was just beat. I thought I'd continue my reading on Astral Dynamics.

Astral Dynamics by Robert BruceAstral Dynamics by Robert Bruce - The Book

The chapter I've covered dealt with the inner subplanes, kingdoms and realms within the Astral plane - just like the places you read in Greek mythology or a scene from the movie "Lord of the Rings" with inhabitants, subcultures and conventions. I'm becoming increasingly curious if these realms really do exist. But like I said before, there's only one way to find out - attempting to make the travel myself. However, I'm far from acquiring the necessary skill to make the venture. If I should cover a chapter a day and devote a good deal of time doing the exercises, I just might come closer to that Holy Grail.

--- TheLoneRider

Astral Projection References

  1. The Lucid Dreamer - a Top Documentary Films video about unlocking the mysteries of the mind through lucid dreaming by Buddhist and teacher Charlie Morley
  2. Spirit Science - Youtube video giving a primer on what astral projection is all about
  3. Robert Monroe - this is a Youtube interview. He authored 3 pioneering books on the subject matter when it was still enigmatic and largely unknown
  4. - a website devoted to astral travel through lucid dreaming
  5. lucidology 101 - a website devoted to astral travel through lucid dreaming with focus on Exit techniques
  6. Abhishek Agarwal - authored Amazing Journeys Outside Your Body (pdf)
  7. Binaural Beats - Youtube audio on binaural beats

Astral Projection Tips

  1. do it early morning like 5am when the Seratonin is high instead of at night when you are tired and likely to fall into normal sleep
  2. do not attempt to Exit during the vibration phase. Stay relaxed and let it settle down. When it gets quiet, that's the time to induce the Exit
  3. OOBE is likely to happen if you sleep in your normal position - it doesn't have to be on your back. You can sleep on your side

Astral Projection Blogs by TheLoneRider

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October 9, 2002

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