On the Road Back Home

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Philippine Connection - August 1, 2002 Thursday

On the Road Back Home

We woke up early to catch the 5 AM ferry, "Emerald" for our return to the mainland. The water crossing was our last chance for fresh salty sea breeze before breathing the smoke-belched air of Manila. From the mainland, we took the "Raymond" bus to Manila to what promised to be a faster ride. Fast and top-heavy, every turn on the zigzag road demanded full body English to the passengers as well. Seated higher on a bus afforded better view of the surrounding landscape.

Ferd dropped himself off as the bus passed by his subdivision in Brookside Hills in Cainta.

I was hoping I could invite some people for dinner since I missed having other company...no takers...too short a notice. That left me free to join Dad, Senn and Abi to pick-up TJ from work and head out to the "eat-all-you-can" Durian place for some treats. TJ was all praises for this fabled Macao special, egg tarts, which was available in the nearby store. We took home a box for some serious midnight snacking. Lastly, we had a sumptuous dim sum dinner at Gloria Maris Restaurant before heading home.


Surprisingly, Ross calls at 10:30 PM to say she's done work for the day and ready for coffee...that was a nice "last hurrah". I picked her up and headed back home where we had coffee and egg tarts. TJ joined us for a leisurely chat.

Ross is one of the many people (in the Phil) I've met that I thought I should have spent more time with (not that I didn't try). With her interest in mountain biking, judo, dragon boat racing, mountain climbing and wall climbing, we could be talking forever or better yet, planned an outdoor adventure ourselves. Oh well...one of those unrealized potentials left unexplored.

--- TheLoneRider

Aug 1, 2002

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