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Daghang Salamat (Many Thanks) Camotes Islands, Goodbye traveling

Daghang Salamat (Many Thanks) Camotes Islands, Goodbye

(Apr 6, 2017) After nearly 3 months in Camotes Islands, the need to move on became apparent - my benevolent universe showed me the telltale signs. Having accomplished much of what I set out to do on the island, staying any further would seem like over-extending my welcome. I cannot be more grateful for the abundance, the friendship, the learning and all the experience that enhanced my journey. Daghang salamat Camotes Islands!....more »»

Pizza-Making Party in Camotes Islands food

Pizza-Making Party in Camotes Islands

(Mar 25, 2017) Friends celebrate friendship by rolling up their sleeves and making pizza for friends. That's how it was for Alyssha, Charlotte and myself at Camotes Islands. Pizza dough from scratch and blow-your-doors-off toppings to rejoice new beginnings.....more »»

Zesto and Exploited Child Labor sliceoflife

Zesto and Exploited Child Labor

(Mar 20, 2017) Zesto hired impressionable young high school students from Poro to man their booth at the recent San Francisco fiesta. After the event, they were not paid. They had to skip school and come back Monday noon to get their money. Already 7pm at night, they were still waiting for their pay.....more »»

The Bayot (Gay) Construction Worker snapshot

The Bayot (Gay) Construction Worker

(Mar 20, 2017) He walks with a pelvic grind, poses with a feminine demeanor - almost demure. But she works as a construction worker carrying heavy payload on his back. It felt wrong!....more »»

Yoga Calisthenics in Camotes Islands fitness
Yoga Calisthenics in Camotes Islands
(Mar 3, 2017) Stumbling upon Chris Heria's calisthenics video was mind-blowing. Planche? Human flag? Muscle-up? I was stoked. I wanted to do everything he does. Do I abandon my yoga for this? I pondered and had my Eureka moment. I can have my cake and eat it too!....more »»

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Aladin White Beach Resort, Camotes Islands, Cebu

Aladin White Beach Resort

Aladin White Beach Resort Beach Resort | investment Retirement Investment
beachfront property, swimming pool, modern amenities and facilities
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GPS: 10°42'04.3"N 124°18'53.7"E
Esperanza, San Francisco, Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines
+63 949.997.5707