web designer, search engine optimization (seo) consultant, Philippines

Work Experience


Freelance Web Designer and SEO Consultant
May 2005 to present

There's nothing more creative and productive than being 'out there' while doing a web project. As a freelance web designer and SEO consultant, I develop websites from a mountain summit, an outdoor café or a beach. My best works were done outside an office cubicle.

University of the Philippines
June 2004 to April 2005
Manila, Philippines
Lecturer, Web Design

Teaching web design to graduating fine arts students empowers them to put their portfolio online and command a global audience - not just gallery walk-ins. This venture was as much a learning experience for me as it is for them.

17th Parallel Consulting
December 2003 to April 2004
Toronto, Ontario
Webmaster and Front-end Web Designer

This is an online casino and sportsbook with 3 flagship sites. As webmaster, I took care of front-end changes to content. As web designer, I redesigned the homepage to enhance user experience, make navigation intuitive, increase consistency and provide a professional look and feel to the sites.

AIM Funds Management
May 2001 to November 2003
Toronto, Ontario
Front-end Web Design

This is a fast-paced web development environment with multiple projects all with tight deadlines. I do page designs and photoshop/html mocks, quick fixes and scheduled updates on our intranet and retail sites. We work in a JSP and Cold Fusion environment, so I am proficient in working with .cfm and .jsp files (even though I don't program them).

Chapters Online
September 1999 to January 2001
Toronto, Ontario
User Interface Design/Development

I helped design and develop the user interface of the bookstore, incorporating a firm understanding of web production, file size optimization, load times, site construction, architecture and navigation issues together with cross-browser compatibility issues. The job was also a good exercise in developing people skills while working as a team in meeting tight deadlines.

CIBC  (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)
April to June 1999
Toronto, Ontario
Special Projects Manager

The project I managed was the Internet Café, a web-based training program enabling branch staff to explain Internet banking to CIBC customers. I helped launch a pilot program in 3 branches to identify potential problems before launch is made nationally across all branches. I also created the certification exam questions and helped prepare training modules to all participants.

Seneca College
February to March 1999
Toronto, Ontario

Immediately after graduating from an intensive Web-Content course from Seneca College, I was hired by the same school to be the webmaster for the Center for New Technologies in Teaching and Learning in developing the student intranet. I redesigned content layout and enhanced user navigation. I also created the graphics, coded the JavaScript and developed the html pages.