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Testimonial: Phyllis Wallbank Educational Trust

From: Judith Wallbank
Sent: Jan 27, 2009
To: Ceasar Sulit - TheLoneRider
Subject: Phyllis Wallbank Educational Trust

Ceasar produced a website for me that was almost certainly a bigger project than he expected - both in size and in complexity. The result was exactly what I wanted: clear, clean, attractive and very user-friendly. It was not a sales website but had a good deal of content and was in fact a charity's website explaining the background of the charity and what it was all about.

It was a difficult job for anyone mainly because I knew what I didn't want when I saw it, but not exactly what I did want until I saw it! And I knew nothing about the technical side of things. He was extremely hard-working, very very patient and highly responsive. He was willing to try all sorts of different options so that I could choose what I wanted and then he did not complain when I sometimes changed my mind! The whole process could have been very stressful for me but wasn't (although it probably was for him) and despite everything he maintained his professionalism and the result was a website that has been much admired and appreciated and one that I am very happy with and he should be too.

The project was complicated by the fact that I am in England and he is in Manila so we had to contend with the time difference as well and we could never meet or go over things in person.

Judith Wallbank
(Phyllis Wallbank Educational Trust)

From: Mark Wallbank
Sent: Jan 8, 2009
To: Ceasar Sulit - TheLoneRider
Subject: Phyllis Wallbank Educational Trust

Fantastic site! Many thanks once again for your terrific work.

Mark Wallbank
(Secretary: Phyllis Wallbank Educational Trust)

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