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New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India

New Delhi is a city of sharp contrasts. Chaos, culture, dirt, heritage, pollution, congestion, religious diversity, history, shopping and tourism all amalgamate to make it a dynamic and vibrant destination. It is also the hub of India with its airways, railways and roadways connecting it to other major cities.

Paharganj is ground zero for the backpacker community. It has the cheap hotels, travel agencies, shopping, tours, etc. - no need to stray far to get these amenities.

New Delhi Blogs by TheLoneRider

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  2. A First-Timer in New Delhi, India May 12-17, 2018
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New Delhi (city), India

important places in New Delhi ESSENTIAL LANDMARKS
  • Tribhuvan International Airport Indira Gandhi International Airport - New Delhi's international airport
  • New Delhi Metro stop Airport Metro New Delhi - main bus terminal from the airport
  • Main Bazar Road Main Bazar Road - the main drag in Paharganj
  • Thamel Paharganj - New Delhi's backpacker area - cheap hotels, bargain shopping
  • Durbar Marg Karol Bagh - New Delhi's marginally upscale shopping area (compared to Paharganj)
  • Panchsheel Park Panchsheel Park - emerging alternative neighborhood to Paharganj
  • Greater Kailash I Greater Kailash I - emerging alternative neighborhood to Paharganj
  • Asaf Ali Road Asaf Ali Road - emerging alternative neighborhood to Paharganj
  • Ignou Main Road Ignou Main Road - emerging alternative neighborhood to Paharganj
  • RK Puram RK Puram - emerging alternative neighborhood to Paharganj
hotels in New Delhi HOTEL
  • Parigold B&B Parigold Bed & Breakfast - modern, homey, safe, central location in Paharganj, New Delhi
  • Yes Please Guest House Yes Please Guest House - cheap rates, central location in Paharganj, New Delhi
  • Backpacker Panda Backpacker Panda - cheap rates, central location in Paharganj, good reviews

Travel Tips for New Delhi

  1. the backpacker area in New Delhi is Paharganj. Paharganj is close to the Delhi rail station which gets handy for local and provincial travels. Anyone checking-in in Paharganj, I strongly recommend you arrive by day. It could be a system shock to arrive by night...seriously! Some hostels are tucked inside narrow dark alleys with bystanders and hard to find by day, let alone by night
  2. if taking the New Delhi Airport Express Metro upon landing, buy a Metro Card and load it up. It saves you time (instead of lining up to buy a ticket everytime you ride the Metro). Besides, riding the Metro is the most convenient way of getting across town - no traffic!
  3. Delhi is aggressively promoting the "water re-filling" station, usually located along the Metro stops. Use it! It stops more plastic bottles ending up in the bellies of whales!
  4. if Paharganj is too much for you (Danish rape of 2014, scams, filthy, congested, chaos, etc.) you can try other developing areas in the south which are increasingly becoming an alternative to the seedy Paharganj. These new alternatives offer quality food, more hygiene and safer, upscale neighborhoods - Jugaad, Greater Kailash I, Asaf Ali Road and IGNOU road

How to get to Paharganj (New Delhi) from the Indira Gandhi International Airport

  1. cab - cab takes you to Paharganj, $8-$11, 21 mins, 20 kms
  2. Ratna Park bus terminal Metro - from the airport, take the Delhi Metro - Orange Line and it will take you all the way to the Paharganj rail area, 22 mins, $1, trip every 15 minutes. From the train station, you can pay a motorickshaw INR 50 for the 1.4km trip to Paharganj

Travel Tips for India

General Travel Tips

  1. arrive early - in case there is a snag (visa snag, documentation snag, transport ticket snag, etc.), you will have ample time to troubleshoot the problem if you arrive early (to the airport, to the bus terminal, etc.)
  2. put detailed itinerary on the Calendar apps of your smart-phone according to timelines - this is where you do all your thinking and planning. Once written down, you don't have to think anymore while you are on the just follow the steps. This frees your mind for something else that might happen while you are already en route
  3. avoiding scams - as a general rule, I ignore the touts or anyone I don't know who call out to me. The calling comes in many forms - "Hi! Where are you from?", "Excuse me! Excuse me!", "Where are you going?". I don't look them in the eye and I remain non-verbal with them. If you reply to them, you just gave them an 'in' to hound you. In order not to look rude, I smile and wave the 'not interested' hand to them, without looking at them.
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