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Outside Looking In Aug 29, 2018

Outside Looking In

Location: Pay As You Can Hostel, Bang Wa, Bangkok, Thailand

When I asked the owner of Pay As You Can Hostel (Bang Wa Hostel) if he can match the $2/night in Agoda for other hostels, he said NO and kept his minimum price of $3 (I know, even at $3, it's already dirt cheap, but I was really down on my funds). His name was Zurin, a guy from India who has lived in Bangkok for decades. He was likewise a nice guy and we got along fine as we continued with our conversation. At some point, he just said I could stay as long as I want and pay whatever I wanted to pay. Whoa! What a guy.

Meeting Magnificent Lives
I seem to be meeting more guys like him in the last few years. A few have become very good friends:

  1. Mike - "...come to Chiang Mai and stay in my hotel for 2 weeks"
  2. Jeanne - " can be my house guest for life"
  3. Greg - "...stay here at my resort and I'll build a nice bamboo hut for you"
  4. Mr. Cal - "I have 5 farms...where do you want to put your cottage?"
  5. Jeff - "...just stay and I'll pay your rent. Just don't tell my Dad."

Offered, not Asked For
And for the record, I NEVER talk to people with freebie or discount in mind - I never take that agenda. Whatever I receive is offered...never asked for (even if it's my Dad, my girlfriend or siblings). And likewise, I give away whatever I don't need at the present moment (resort/hotel rooms, dental treatment credits, gift certificates, etc). I live in a world of give-and-receive. It's an energy that goes around and comes around.

Ending Thoughts
I remember back in the day, when people loved to ostracize me for being a jerk - and yes, for good reason because I was a jerk in so many ways. I would put up the tough carapace that I didn't care...that I can shove them the finger. But deep inside, it was hurtful to always be on the outside looking in. I was an outsider for the most part of my early life. I remember thinking, "...if only I can be a well-rounded pleasant guy so that I won't be outside anymore. I would know when that happens - when people I meet invite me into their homes to meet their family. That would be my validation - you never invite a jerk into your private space to meet your family."

outside looking in
outsider looking in

Of course I never set off on a course of being nice for that desired end. In fact, I never thought more about it. It's only now I'm beginning to realize that people are indeed opening their doors to invite me in. Does that mean I'm now a pleasant guy? I'm not a jerk anymore? He-he, that's a nice thought. Heart-warming, actually.

--- TheLoneRider
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Bangkok, Thailand

hotels in Bangkok HOTEL

Empo Hostel Bangkok - backpacker friendly, bunk beds, affordable, a/c rooms, wifi, laundry
On Nut 30, Bangkok, Thailand
Adventure Hostel Bangkok - N7 BTS train stop, dorm rooms, great for solo travelers, laundry, roof deck, entertainment center, kitchen, all-day tea-coffee, fridge, clean
1541 Phahonyothin Rd. Payathai

gyms on On Nut, Bangkok GYM| gyms on On Nut, Bangkok YOGA

Now's Fitness Bangkok - gym equipment, yoga, Muay Thai, boxing, fitness trainer, cafe, healthy food
726 Soi On Nut 14 Rd, Khwaeng Suan Luang, Khet Suan Luang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10250

Useful Information

Bangkok Cost Index

as of Sep 4, 2018: US$1 = Baht 32 = Php 53

  • Bht 60 sm, 90 big one mug draft beer
  • Bht 13 1.5 liter drinking water
  • Bht 220 one hour massage
  • Bht 60-80 muesli breakfast
  • Bht 60-80 tom yum soup in modest eatery
  • Bht 25-30 coffee
  • Bht 30-50 pad thai
  • Bht 350 Adventure Hostel lodging
  • Bht 20-30/load laundry, coin operated machine
  • Bht 7 bus ride
Transport Map of Bangkok

You can get around Bangkok using the trains, buses, tuk-tuks or the boat. Here is the transport map to give you a heads-up.

Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Night Train from Bang Sue Train Station
  1. take the MRT train to Bang Sue Station. Take the #2 Exit to the provincial trains
  2. Proceed to Counter 2. You will see an information booth, a train schedule chart and the ticket counter. Choose the train and pay at the ticket counter.
  3. daily train schedule:
    • 8:48am - #7 Train, arrive Chiang Mai 7:30pm, not sleeper, B638
    • 2:06pm - #109 Train, arrive Chiang Mai 4:05am, sleeper
    • 6:31pm - #9 Premium Train, arrive Chiang Mai 7:15am, sleeper, B938 upper deck, B1038 lower deck
    • 7:56pm - #13 Train, arrive Chiang Mai 8:40am, sleeper, B768 upper deck, B838 lower deck
    • 10:22pm - #51 Train, arrive Chiang Mai 12:10pm, sleeper, 3rd class B270 (non sleeper), 2nd class B438, B728 upper deck, B798 lower deck

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