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Roger Ver people

Roger Ver

(Nov 29, 2017) Roger Ver has been the most visible evangelical crusader for Bitcoin, earning him the name, Bitcoin Jesus. He has been one of the earliest adaptors to Bitcoin when it was still unheard of and ignored. As a libertarian, he sees Bitcoin as an empowerment to people from the shackles of central governments and banks in their strangle-hold of people's lives and destiny...more »»

Visiting Bayongan Lake traveling

Visiting Bayongan Lake

(Nov 22, 2017) Bayongan Lake, just like Malingin Lake in Cambugsay Hills, is a man-made lake caused by damming a river to irrigate the rice fields. What makes this special is its isolation, open expanse, serenity and beauty....more »»

Exploring Cambugsay Healing Hills with Lars Jensen traveling

Exploring Cambugsay Healing Hills with Lars Jensen

(Nov 22, 2017) Cambugsay Hills is roughly 20kms from Ubay proper along the main highway going south to Alicia. From the top, it offers a scenic view of the Ilaya Reservoir (Mother Dam). You arrive at the park by the dam and trek it to the hills.....more »»

Visiting Ubay Green Park mtb

Visiting Ubay Green Park

(Nov 18, 2017) Ubay Green Park is a former landfill turned into an eco-park re-purposing plastic as part of its decor and attraction....more »»

  • Ubay in a Nutshell Nov 17, 2017
  • In Search of the Next Destination traveling

    In Search of the Next Destination

    (Nov 14, 2017) After my 30 days in Loboc, I scouted several places to spend my next 30 days - Baclayon, Dauis, Maribojoc, Carmen and Talibon. There were a few half-decent rooms I could get for my P2,500 monthly budget, but nothing really called out. While in Talibon, I decided to stop by Ubay for a sikwate treat. It was here I saw a decent room that called out - and fit my budget. Ubay it is...more »»

    37 Days in Loboc - Thank You and Goodbye traveling

    37 Days in Loboc - Thank You and Goodbye

    (Oct 8-Nov 14, 2017) When I arrived Loboc, I had no clue what to expect or what's in store for me. I didn't know anyone, didn't have a place to sleep and wasn't familiar to the place. It was just an obscure dot on a map. Now, 30 days after, I feel like leaving home behind - the wonderful people who opened their doors to me, the mountain bike trails I hammered on, the familiar carinderia I often spend breakfast and lunch at, Villagio Pizza for its wood-fired oven, the charming Loboc River...more »»

    Exploring Busay Falls, Lobtob Spring and Jimili-an Spring...on Foot mtn

    Exploring Busay Falls, Lobtob Spring and Jimili-an Spring...on Foot

    (Nov 11, 2017) I thought the Sevilla Downhill mountain bike ride was the craziest I've done with Jeffrey, but this one tops them all - trekking down into very slippery trail, jumping into a raging river, swimming against the current and going underneath the waterfall! Don't try this unless accompanied by Jeffrey! more »»

    Bad Genius - movie review movies

    Bad Genius - movie review

    (Sep 9, 2017) Bad Genius is a Thai film (English subtitle) about a brilliant student who helps her classmates cheat the exams for money....more »»

    Freediving at Molave Point, Dauis skin

    Freediving at Molave Point, Dauis

    (Nov 6, 2017) Molave Point is perhaps a best kept secret in Dauis despite not having a beach. No need to go far from Tagbilaran. Molave has a sudden and deep drop-off you just see a deep blue - perfect for scuba diving and freediving. The shallows offer an animated coral scene for snorkelers. To top all of that, you have the sardine bowl right smack where you do a cliff dive. What more could you ask for?....more »»

    The Return to Hinagdanan Cave caving

    The Return to Hinagdanan Cave

    (Nov 5, 2017) The first time I visited Hinagdanan Cave with Juan, we didn't get to swim. This time around with Jeffrey, Juan's son, and RJ, we came prepared with swim wear and snorkeling gear....more »»

    Stand-Up Paddle Yoga with Joan Christine yoga

    Stand-Up Paddle Yoga with Joan Christine

    (Nov 3, 2017) I've done SUP yoga on a static pool, but here in Loboc, SUP yoga is offered by SUP Tours Philippines along the Loboc River as you drift downstream on the current. If you get lucky, you get to do it while it's raining on a high tide with a stronger current...and that's how it was for me, woohoo! Conducting this class was Joan Christine, a registered Sivananda yoga teacher and ASI supyoga instructor.....more »»

    Solo Ride to the Sikatuna Tree Park mtb

    Solo Ride to the Sikatuna Tree Park

    (Nov 2, 2017) The plan was to re-visit the tarsier of Corella for an in-depth tour of tariers in the wild within its natural sanctuary. Instead, I ended up at the Tree Park of Sikatuna on the lookout overlooking the rest of Bohol....more »»

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