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Feast in Amlan with Edna May 1, 2017

Feast in Amlan with Edna

Location: Amlan (municipality), Negros Oriental (province), Philippines

Amlan Invite
Edna, a Cebu yogini I met in Singapore, happened to be in her hometown in Amlan while I was in Dumaguete. Amlan is 3 municipalities away from Dumaguete to the north. She invited me to come to her parents' birthday celebration. Cool! I met them at the Bi-os Crossing and together, we rode into the interior of Amlan, all the way to the foot of the mountain, to her home. Her place was a considerable distance from the coastal highway.

with Edna at Neva's Pizza
with Edna at Neva's Pizza

Nearly everyone in the barangay and nearby barrios were her relatives. Such is the usual case in rural areas in the Philippines. I met everyone and they warmly welcomed me. The food on the table was showcased by a whole lechon - a Philippine tradition. The big table was full of delicious food, not unlike a town fiesta scene.

Feast in Amlan with Edna
native house by the countryside

The Councilor
I met Dionaldo, her cousin, the provincial counselor who is also one of the tourism committee members. We talked about the tourism possibilities of Amlan - waterfalls, rivers and summit views. Later, we went to his resthouse closeby. It was a picturesque nipa hut on 4 hectares of sprawling land. The land was littered by huge single rocks - probably a result of volcanic eruption in the distant past that spewed rocks all over the area. We just chilled over some snacks and beer. He made an open invite for me to stay in his resthouse should I decide to cover Amlan for my next exploration. That was really nice of him. I said I'll take him up on the offer if I should be travelling with a companion.

Ending Thoughts
Edna and her relatives were very welcoming and went the distance to make me feel at home - including her son who took the long motorcycle ride back to the main road to take me to the bus stop for Dumaguete. I didn't know Amlan held such promise with its natural offerings. With all that wonder and the invite to stay at the resthouse, Amlan is a promising destination next time I find myself along the Negros coastline. Thank you Edna !!!

--- TheLoneRider

Reader Comments:

Lita QuisumbingLita Quisumbing
(May 5, 2017) Edna, Edna Ferrer is a wonderful friend. I am glad you met up again Gigit!

Joy TanJoy Philippines
(May 5, 2017) Edna, kuyawa nimo mommyla, starring naman ka sa blog ni Gigit.

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