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2017: A Year in Review traveling

2017: A Year in Review

(Dec 31, 2017) This entire year, I just traveled within the Philippines' 4 provinces, hopping from Iloilo, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Bohol, sometimes staying in a town only a few days before moving on. It was tiring! I was spending too much time planning, in transit, packing and unpacking. Towards the end of the year, I changed gears and decided to remain in one place for 30 days before moving on. This opened up a whole new dimension to my traveling.....more »»

Economics in One Lesson books

Economics in One Lesson

(datedate) his book unveils the curtains and clears the cobwebs to explain very clearly in simple terms, by way of examples, the reality behind government spending and your money. This gives you a cornerstone to anchor you whenever the pundits, politicians, lobbyists, editorialists try to influence your thinking into their agenda. You may never see the world around you the same way again. This book is an eye opener and a must read!....more »»

Goodbye and Thank You, Ubay traveling

Goodbye and Thank You, Ubay

(Nov 14-Dec 13, 2017) After 30 days, it was time to pack-up again for a new destination. This traveling format has been challenging with Ubay. I would have left much sooner if not for my 30-day constraint. I didn't really meet anyone, it was always hot, humid and dusty, their attractions are not really noteworthy and there isn't really a comfortable hang-out place. What exactly did I come away with?....more »»

The Burden of Gift Giving lucid

The Burden of Gift Giving

(Dec 12, 2017) With the holidays just around the corner, it's gift-giving season once again. We give gifts to those we hold dear, to those who expect it, to those we owe or to those gatherings where it's expected of us. This conjures vivid memories of gift-giving episodes that reflect the warped convention that was molded and spawned by this practice....more »»

Visiting the Ubay Stock Farm traveling

Visiting the Ubay Stock Farm

(Dec 8, 2017) The Ubay Stock Farm is one of Ubay's touted tourist spots and it's just 10kms away from the town center. I wasn't sure if it was a petting zoo for livestock or a tour of a working farm, but with my few remaining days in Ubay, I thought I'd pay it a visit and see what it's all about....more »»

Marooned by Ed Stafford mtn

Marooned by Ed Stafford

(Dec 4, 2017) Marooned by Ed Stafford is a reality tv series where survivalist Ed Stafford is left alone on an isolated and inhospitable environment for 10 days before his extraction. He has nothing but a first-aid kit and cameras - that's it! No film crew, no food, no water, no tools, no match. He not only has to survive but he has to thrive!....more »»

Exploring Carlos P. Garcia (CPG) Island by Bike mtb

Exploring Carlos P. Garcia (CPG) Island by Bike

(Dec 1, 2017) One km across the waters from Ubay towards Leyte is a small island about 17kms long, named after the Philippine's 8th president, Carlos P. Garcia. No one in Ubay talks about this island. What could possibly be there? It was a slow day in Ubay so I embarked on exploring the island on my bike....more »»

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