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Valencia Revisited Apr 30, 2017

Valencia Revisited

Location: Valencia (municipality), Negros Oriental (province), Philippines

A Previous Address
I used to live in Valencia - a full year before heading to Dumaguete to stay another year. That was 5 years ago. I keep coming back to this place whenever I visit Dumaguete. With Rachel, a friend and former Valencia neighbor, suggesting we meet up for coffee during its weekend market day, I was all out to make the trip.

Weekend Market
Being a Sunday, the place was bustling with farm produce and people out to do their weekly marketing. Because of its fertile volcanic soil, Valencia has a variety of vegetables and fruits in any season - at a very reasonable price.

Valencia Revisited
enjoying sikwate and puto maya with Rachel

I also noticed a growing number of ex-pats in the area - for good reason. With Valencia's cheap land, cooler climate and proxity to Dumaguete, it's an ideal place to settle in. The ex-pats have their own social circle where they meet up for coffee and Sunday chat.

Ending Thoughts
Valencia has become a little more busy but still far from bustling. There are still large tracts of raw land and panoramic views of the surrounding areas. The soil is fertile and people are still laid back. With Dumaguete's city life only 20 minutes away to the east, the coastal waters of Dauin also 20 minutes to the south, and Mount Talinis in the backyard, Valencia is still a magical place.

--- TheLoneRider

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