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The Shopping Malls of Bangkok Oct 6-20, 2014

The Shopping Malls of Bangkok

GPS waypoint: 13°45'43.4"N 100°29'35.1"E
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Malls of Bangkok
I was told that going to the mall is a Thai pastime. This is evidenced by the number and size and specialization of their malls. I was impressed. The Philippines is also a malled country, but it's homegeneous - you go to 2 malls (SM, a Henry Sy mall catered to a broader demographics and Ayala Malls, owned and managed by the Ayalas with well-heeled folks as target market) and you'll more or less see the same merchandisers, same layout, same look-and-feel on every one. Thailand is so varied. I've gone to a few of them and was impressed by 3 of them - Siam Center, Siam Paragon and Platinum. Overall, the cluster of malls can be found along the Sukhumvit area.

Siam Center
For cutting-edge design and layout, this mall got my attention. It doesn't look like a typical mall. It looks more like a huge la artsy-styled boutique - but we're talking huge spaces on several floors.

Siam Paragon
You usually find shops in malls. But not Rolls Royces (US$1.3 million!), Lamborghinis and Aston Martins. For high-end items (jewelry, clothing, etc.) catering to those with deep pockets this is the place. The sheer size of this mall perhaps extends a full city block.

What's unique about this mall is its specialization. It sells clothing...and nothing but clothing, both wholesale and retail. These clothes find themselves across the globe with all the international trade conducted here. You find rows upon rows of stalls selling specialized clothing - only white clothing, high fashion, summer clothing, etc.

--- TheLoneRider

Next stop: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Siam Center: top to bottom view of the several levels Siam Center: lobby entrance Siam Center: decent and comfortable space for catching up on what's online Siam Center: nestlike boutique
Siam Center: new and refreshing approach to boutique layout and formatting Siam Center: open concept resto/cafe Siam Center: top to bottom view of the lobby - generous space using avant-garde seats and lounges for mall shoppers Siam Center: more fashionable eating places
Siam Center: impeccable and orderly Siam Center: food court - just as engaging and refreshing as the exclusive restos Siam Center: for an exclusive mall, you can still get good eats (oyster omelette, Baht 30) Siam Center: strong visual impact using a bicycle with basket full of fruits
Terminal 21: a different washroom theme on every floor Siam Center: lobby with over the top seats and loungers Siam Center: leather hammock in the mall exhibit Siam Paragon: Lamborghini Huracan
Siam Paragon: Lamborghini dealership Siam Discovery: wax museum MBK: MBK has brick-a-brack to the max Siam Center: with Nuria at the food court
Siam Center: some kind of mall exhibition Siam Paragon: Maserati dealership Siam Paragon: boutique only for headsets Siam Paragon: Rolls Royce Phantom, US$1.3 million
Siam Paragon: Rolls Royce Ghost US$1 million Siam Paragon: unusual format for a dining place Siam Paragon: luxurious waiting lounge for movie goers Platinum: only clothing for this huge, multi-level mall
Adventure Hostel Bangkok

Adventure Hostel Bangkok

Location: 1541 Phahonyothin Rd., Payathai, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: 062 527 2581
Hours: open 24 hours
Features: central location by the N7 Saphan Khwai BTS train station, clean aircon rooms, fast and reliable internet, staff who will go the extra distance for you, reasonable rate
Nawa Sheeva Hotel Chiangmai

Nawa Sheeva Hotel Chiangmai

Location: 184/2 Ratchapakhinai Rd, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, 50200 Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tel: 061.272.8008 / 053.326.583
Features: salt-water swimming pool, expansive space, big luxurious rooms, great hotel cafe using top-of-the-line espresso brewer
Nawa Saraan Hotel Chiangmai

Nawa Saraan Hotel Chiangmai

Location: 37/1 Singharat Lane 2, T.Sriphum, Muang Chiangmai, 50200 Chiang Mai, Thailand
Features: upscale container-themed, luxury appointments, central location

Bangkok Cost Index, (US$1 = Baht 32 = Php 44)

  • Bht 60 sm, 90 big one mug draft beer
  • Bht 13 1.5 liter drinking water
  • Bht 220 one hour massage
  • Bht 60-80 muesli breakfast
  • Bht 25-30 coffee
  • Bht 30-50 pad thai
  • Bht 170 cheap dorm lodging
  • Bht 350 Adventure Hostel lodging
  • Bht 20-30/load laundry, coin operated machine
  • Bht 7 bus ride

How to Get around Bangkok

  1. You can get around Bangkok using the trains, buses, tuk-tuks or the boat. Here is the transport map to give you a heads-up.

Bangkok Blogs by TheLoneRider

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Oct 6-20, 2014

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