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Core Sequence Jun 7, 2014

Core Sequence

GPS waypoint: 6°08'15.6"N 125°10'17.6"E
Location: Marichi Yoga House, Gen San City, Philippines Class Date: June 14, 2014

Why Core?
Think of the core as the central hub for nearly all muscular activities that happen throughout the entire body - whether it's sweeping the floor or doing body-English on a mountain bike. The movement either starts with the core or move through it. Thus a strong core makes movement efficient from arms to body, delivering energy where it's needed (and not being sapped along the way) while enhancing balance and stability. Core underpins nearly every activity you do. Having said all that, the core is also one of the most neglected muscle group in the body.

Weak Core
The core is the load-bearing struction of the body. If that is weak, the load is transfered to other body parts which are not designed to carry such a load. Result? Injuries. One with a weak core usually suffers from back pain - 80% of Americans suffer a debilitating low back pain at some point in their lives, which can be helped by a strong resilient core. From there, the injury cascades into a domino effect which can result in knee pains, etc.

Defeat has a posture - the slouch. Good core develops good posture which projects confidence and perhaps even improve your self-image. Mandate? Develop the core!


  • Child's Pose - from Child's Pose, spread your feet hip width apart and tuck your toes in. Reach forward with your arms, hands shoulder width apart. When you can't move any further, plant your palms down and your toes on the mat. Do not move your hands and feet - this is the optimum distance for your Downward Dog.
  • Downward Dog - a few breaths then slowly walk the hands to the feet into a forward bend
  • Hang - fold the arms into the elbows and just hang there, doing nothing, letting gravity do its work
  • right hand to left angkle, twist, other side
  • hands to big toe
  • palm under feet
  • clasp hands behind back
  • Samasthitihi - release the arms and on one long inhale, vertebrae by vertebrae, roll up into standing
  • knee stirring
  • hip stirring
  • quad stretch

II Standing

  • Tree - 5 breaths
  • Hand to Big Toe - 5 breaths
  • Front / Back Kick - 5 breaths

III Heat Movement

  • Surya Namaskar A - 2x
  • Surya Namaskar B - 2x
  • Burpee - jump, snap back into plank, side planks, slowly lower to Chaturanga, upward dog, push up, downward dog, jump forward, jump again (5/4/3/2/1x)

IV Core Asanas

  • one hand square plank
  • side plank with flexion
  • drag the mat
  • L lift
  • Knee lift
  • butt lift
  • leg raise / purvottanasana
  • bicycle / purvottanasana
  • boat / purvottanasana
  • locust / superman
  • childs pose

V Seated Core Asanas

you can skip everything except the pigeon with core as the class will extend over 2 hours
  • Surya, from Downward Dog, lift left heel, big step with right foot, bent right leg and elbows down on mat, hands clasped - 5 breaths
  • broaden distance between 2 feet while right foot remains firmly on the mat - 5 breaths
  • do a split, keeping the hands on both sides against the mat for support - 5 breaths
  • Pigeon - do a core, 5 breaths and then go for the forward bend, 5 breaths
  • - slide the bent left leg under the right leg, so right knee over left knee. Eagle pose on hands and bow down, 5 breaths. Release.
  • - clasp hands behind, left elbow pointing up, right elbow pointing down, 5 breaths. Release. Other side.
  • Matsyandrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes) -
  • Vinyasa

VI Arm Balancing

  • Bhujapidasana
  • Elephant
  • Crow

VII Inversion

  • Handstand on a wall - to find out if they are strong enough for the Hollow Back
  • Hollow Back on wall - workshop style

VIII Savasana

--- TheLoneRider

Marichi Yoga House, Gen San

How to Get to Marichi Yoga House

Take a tricycle and ask to be dropped off at Western Union near Iglesia ni Cristo in Purok Malakas. Enter the gate where Western Union is, and go up the 2nd floor. P10 from the main city (or P30 if you wish to have a special trip).

Yoga-Sequence Series

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Jun 7, 2014

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