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Chillingout in Coron Town, Busuanga Oct 23-29, 2012

Chillingout in Coron Town, Busuanga

Pencil Pushing
After lazying for days in Camp Calauit, I decided to move to Coron Town to check out what's happening. As inviting it was to dive the rest of the WWII wrecks or do the island tour, my heart wasn't really into any adventure. I just wanted to find me a quiet and comfortable place where I could catch up on my mounting work. Fortunately, I found that place - Coron's newest and most luxurious garden resort hotel, Sophia's Garden Resort.

Forward-Thinking Owners and Managers
It didn't happen that way immediately. I tried talking to a few hotel owners to interest them to what I can do for them on the internet. Unfortunately, and this happens quite often, is that the owner or the hotel manager would be adept hotel operators but remain unappreciative about the internet as a marketing tool. They only equate the internet to Facebook and emails. But as far as using the internet to reach a global audience through search-engine-optimized webpages, it goes over their heads. They're more comfortable paying a guy to hang-out a street corner and hand-out flyers. Luckily, I found a hotel manager who is adept at information technology, who immediately saw value in what I was putting on the table.

Luxurious Garden Hotel
I was impressed by Sophia's Garden Resort's expansive manicured garden setting. With it's 4-pool system and attention to detail on just about everything (garden, decor, trimmings, etc.), I was surprised to learn they only have 8 rooms. Service was friendly, efficient and accommodating. The plated breakfast (included with room) was adequate, and the 3 choices, reasonable.

Plus 1 for Breakfast
I stayed 4 days in Sophia's doing my signature "plus 1 breakfast" for friends. I'm glad Al Linsangan (of Calamianes Expeditions) joined me on one morning. I remain impressed with his vision for a social enterprise designed to benefit many - even if others don't get it. Outback Greg (of Tribal Adventures) also became a guest. The breakfast afforded us to talk about Coron, business and the future, in a leisurely manner.

5-Stars? 1-Star? It's All the Same
Accommodation is extreme for me - either it's high-end or hole-in-the-wall. I usually make a business proposal to the best and most luxurious hotels in the area. If I don't find one and I have to pay for my lodging, I revert back to my guerilla backpacker mindset - I stay in the cheapest room possible. We're talking common toilets, clogged drain, fan room and weathered beds. It's all the same to me - at least the sensation is the same. It's the value people equate with the sensation that makes it either miserable for them or not.

Hotel Scene
Coron remains busy, very much like the way I left it 10 months ago. There are a few new ambitious hotels that may cause the industry to rethink the way they do business. One is of course, Sophia's Garden Resort. Another one which is still under construction is Corto's - run by Frenchmen from Marseilles. Newly opened too is Mikasa Hotel by an amiable guy from Malabon.

Goodbye Coron
There was still a lot of work for me to catch up on, but I couldn't get a hotel extension. It's usually a sign for me to move on because there's something out there for me. Next stop? San Jose, Mindoro. I haven't been there yet. If things workout, I may stay there longer than I imagined.

--- TheLoneRider

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Google Map Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines

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Great Things Going for Busuanga

  • beaches, islands, snorkeling, scuba diving, wreck diving
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Not So Great Things Going Against Busuanga

  • slow and unreliable internet
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