Restaurant Review: Gaite de Coeur Friday April 23, 2021 EDT 
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gear review

Gaite de Coeur Aug 3, 2009

Gaite de Coeur (Happiness of the Heart)
Rating: star star star star star 5 stars (out of 5)
Food Type: Conttinental - pizza, pasta, steaks, salads, sandwiches
Location: 24 Matalino Street, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines (near Starbucks...go along the side of PM Apartments)
Tagline: Great Food + Great Movies
Operating Hours: (all day breakfast) 12NN-12MN, Mondays-Saturdays, 1PM - 11PM, Sundays
Contact: 0928-505-7331 or 436-6428

Restaurant Info
Think restaurant + movie. There used to be a P150 entrance fee, consumable on food and drinks (movie included). Now they even waived that. You only pay for what you order. Hey, how cool is that? You can also dine-in at their open area and enjoy free wifi. Screening time depends on people availability.

    Nice Touches:
  • removal of P150 consumable only pay for what you order
  • the best touch is that they listen to their customers. What I wrote as 'things they can improve on', they address to make it a truly enjoyable customer experience
  • great surround sound, big screen projection movie
  • clean decent washroom
  • good tasting reasonably-priced food
  • free wifi
  • After 8 promo - after 8 visits, get a free sandwich or frappe smoothie of your choice
  • hands-on owners, Francis and Vicky
  • pleasant and attentive service
  • Japanese style tables with loungy bean bags
    Things They Can Improve On: Consider this nit-picking since the place is already as perfect as it gets.
  • I'd been meaning to mention this to the lovely couple but keep forgeting...the boosted bass seems to drown the dialogue...makes it hard sometimes to understand what's being said. Maybe flatten the frequency range or boost the 1K-hertz setting on the equalizer? (sorry, geeky tech jargon) - they've already addressed this issue...dialogue is now clear and understandable
  • don't know how they do this, but if a group of people go there to socialize (and not to see a movie), they become distracting specially if you're tuned-in on the movie. Remember a time you sat near talkative people inside a movieshouse? That's how it gets. But that has only happened once. People I think are mindful others are watching.
    Sample Movies They've Shown:
  • Matrix
  • Air Force One
  • Harry Potter 1, 2, 3, 5
  • What Happens in Vegas

(Aug 26, 2009) The last 2 movies I saw had clear dialogue (not drowned by surround bass of the movie). Francis told me he did a few tweaks on the! Moreover, they waived the P150 entrance fee (consumable). Now, you only pay for what you order...totally cool!

(Aug 18, 2009) These guys just made their pizza crust...crustier! Best pizza in the area just got better. At the risk of being part of the landscape, I try not to be there every night. But if I really have nothing pressing to do (which is rather often), I default to this place and even watch the 2 movies in a row.

(Aug 3, 2009) Have you ever come upon a cool cool you don't want to tell anyone about it so you can have it all for yourself? Or perhaps you want only your select friends to know about it? I am initially reluctant to do this review for those same reasons. But hey, if it means keeping them in business, then here's the dish.

I really have a great time in this place I was there 3 nights in a row! I love movies and I love great food. This place has both and plenty more little extras - clean setting, cozy ambiance, comfy appointments, reasonable price, and clean decent washroom (to me, a clean washroom is indicative that everything else is the washroom is usually the most neglected part of a house or restaurant). This place does it for me. I'm so compelled about this resto I had to create a "Restaurant Review" section just for it.

Even if it's out of the way, it's worth the trip. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

--- TheLoneRider

Metro Manila Blogs by TheLoneRider

Aug 3, 2009

"...i still can't say the name" -- Bernz
(Aug 17, 2009) ha-ha..ikaw din pala! Char and I just refer to it as 'HH' (Happiness of the Heart).

(Aug 17, 2009) hey! we went yesterday to the place you recommended sa site mo i still can't say the name, i keep forgetting but it was really really wonderful! i love it there. we were allowed to choose a movie instead of the ones that were scheduled for that day. thanks for the referral. francis says hi

(Aug 4, 2009) Thanks for the heads up! Kakoy and I have been cruising Matalino street, sampling the food. Will definitely check this one out.

(Aug 4, 2009) I'm interested, sounds like my kind of place :)

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