Log Cabin Dinner in Sagada

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Food Odyssey

Log Cabin DinnerSeptember 16, 2006 Saturday

Log Cabin Buffet

I just love Saturdays in Sagada. Early morning is the animated weekly market scene. In the evening, it's social night and dinner buffet at Log Cabin with Chef Aklay. It's the only night-on-the-town here in Sagada, specially during the low season - very few tourists, so most of the diners are the-usual-suspects - foreign residents who already know each other. I guess I'm the latest addition. In exchange for frugal living within the week (read: no eating out), I get to save some for Saturday buffet.

Log Cabin Buffet

Not your Average Saturday Food
This particular Saturday is a tad different from the usual. As good as his cooking is, roast pork on every Saturday buffet was getting a little monotonous, contrary to his claim that he never prepares the same thing twice. Chef Aklay tried something different - leg of pork with paprika and sour cream. The pumpkin soup (with coconut milk, chili, cardamon and cinnamon) was a definite highlight of his repertoire. The pasta was 90% whole wheat and 10% cassava flour...quite interesting, specially that it had no durum semolina. Dessert was creme caramel. I asked what the difference is with leche flan. Real vanilla and real creme was his answer. I wonder how he got the vanilla bean. It shouldn't be surprising though. People know he's a chef so they give him all kinds...just because.

Night Life
After dinner, diners nonchalantly converse about the past week, the local on-goings, etc. With tourists, it's the usual "Where do you come from" and "what have you seen already" kind of talk. It's not that staid however. After hurdling that wall, they begin to talk about the unique things they do. Usually, it gets interesting after that. During the low season, I don't think I can get touristed-out. It's new blood. Being isolated in the mountains, that's big deal.

--- TheLoneRider

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