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Cebu Yoga at Studio 108 yoga
Cebu Yoga at Studio 108
(June 30, 2015) Coming Soon!

Back to Cebu, Back to Yoga at Surya Nanda Yoga Studio yoga
Back to Cebu, Back to Yoga at Surya Nanda Yoga Studio
(June 18-28, 2015) After a long hiatus from yoga, I'm slowly getting back. Cebu and yoga have always been synonymous to me. This time around, Surya Nanda Yoga has offered me a home for my practice.....more »»

Scuba Diving Apo Island with Mario's Scuba Diving and Homestay scuba
Scuba Diving Apo Island with Mario's Scuba Diving and Homestay
(June 14-17, 2015) Coming Soon!

Scuba Diving with Liquid Dumaguete to Bulak and Masaplod Norte scuba
Diving with Liquid Dumaguete to Bulak and Masaplod Norte
(Jun 9-14, 2015) Coming Soon!

Scuba Diving in Dauin with Simon Speight's Dumaguete Divers scuba
Scuba Diving in Dauin with Simon Speight's Dumaguete Divers
(June 9-14, 2015) Coming Soon!

Stopover in Phnom Penh traveling
Stopover in Phnom Penh
(May 25, 2015) It was meant to be a quick stopover in Phnom Penh from Battambang, to catch a bus for Saigon, ensuring I cross into the Vietnamese border before midnight before my visa expires. But I chanced on a few friends I previously met in Battambang which made for a relaxing conversation over coffee....more »»

Battambang Revisited traveling
Battambang Revisited
(May 18-24, 2015) After the Vipassana course, I once again got a chance to revisit one of my favorite places in Cambodia - Battambang. It's not too touristy, more like a working city for locals, but with a laid back pace. People are chill for both locals and travelers, and prices are cheap. Same place I visited in Sept 2014 but I'm sure a different experience this time...more »»

Vipassana 7: Vipassana as an Art of Living meditation
Vipassana 7: Vipassana as an Art of Living
(May 5-17, 2015) It has been over 6 months since my last Vipassana sit - time to serve and deepen my practice. The closest center from Vietnam is Battambang, Cambodia - the same venue where I served in Sept 2014. By taking the course there, I get to visit Battambang again, a place I hold dear to me....more »»

Coming Back to Kampot, Cambodia traveling
Coming Back to Kampot, Cambodia
(Apr 12-28, 2015) When my Vietnam visa expired, I defaulted back to Cambodia. But where in Cambodia? The first thing that came to mind was this quaint riverside town of Kampot near the Vietnam border where I once visited back in October 2014. I wonder what awaits this time...more »»

AO Show, Saigon traveling
AO Show, Saigon
(Apr 10, 2015) AO Show is more like a fusion of circus and a performance play on stage about the day-to-day local ongoings of a traditional fishing village in Vietnam. The play had a number of clever innovations, dramatic lighting, a powerful live musical scoring and a strong performance by the cast.....more »»

Teaching English verbatim
Free English
(Apr 1, 2015) After a 2-hour session teaching English to a Vietnamese professional, having established the teaching schedule to be 90 minutes everyday for the next 2 weeks, my teaching assistant and translator told me something I didn't see coming....more »»

Teaching English to Vietnamese teaching
Teaching English to Vietnamese
(Apr 1, 2015) How to teach English to Vietnamese - dos and donts of teaching Vietnamese how to speak English....more »»

20 Days in Saigon traveling
20 Days in Saigon
(Mar 22 - Apr 12-28, 2015) With my Singapore visa expiring and no money left, I didn't know where to go. Like mana from heaven, I received a message from my Vietnamese friend saying, 'Come back to Saigon! You have a place here.' It was the proverbial parting of the Red Sea for me. I will be going back to Vietnam after being away for only 2 months....more »»

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Cebu City cafe, coffee shop
Cebu City Cafe


Cebu City Hotel
Cebu City Hotel

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Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center
Physical fitness
Yoga & pilates

Cebu yoga studio
Yoga Studio
Lahug, Cebu

Cebu yoga studio
Yoga Studio
Beverly Hills, Cebu

Cebu yoga studio
Cebu Yoga Studio

Yoga by Gigit
Yoga by Gigit


Indian restaurant Cebu
Cebu Authentic Indian Restaurant


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rooms for rent, Cebu
Rooms for Rent
Beverly Hills, Cebu


Makati Palace Hotel
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Makati Palace Hotel


Liquid Dumaguete
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