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Visiting Ubay Green Park mtb

Visiting Ubay Green Park

(Nov 18, 2017) Ubay Green Park is a former landfill turned into an eco-park re-purposing plastic as part of its decor and attraction....more »»

Ubay in a Nutshell traveling

Ubay in a Nutshell

(Nov 17, 2017) Life in Ubay came off to a slow start. I had to cover my bases first - sourcing a water supplier, identifying wifi areas, frequent walks about town getting familiar where to get what, and getting a bearing on Ubay's culturescape through the locals....more »»

In Search of the Next Destination traveling

In Search of the Next Destination

(Nov 14, 2017) After my 30 days in Loboc, I scouted several places to spend my next 30 days - Baclayon, Dauis, Maribojoc, Carmen and Talibon. There were a few half-decent rooms I could get for my P2,500 monthly budget, but nothing really called out. While in Talibon, I decided to stop by Ubay for a sikwate treat. It was here I saw a decent room that called out - and fit my budget. Ubay it is...more »»

37 Days in Loboc - Thank You and Goodbye traveling

37 Days in Loboc - Thank You and Goodbye

(Oct 8-Nov 14, 2017) When I arrived Loboc, I had no clue what to expect or what's in store for me. I didn't know anyone, didn't have a place to sleep and wasn't familiar to the place. It was just an obscure dot on a map. Now, 30 days after, I feel like leaving home behind - the wonderful people who opened their doors to me, the mountain bike trails I hammered on, the familiar carinderia I often spend breakfast and lunch at, Villagio Pizza for its wood-fired oven, the charming Loboc River...more »»

Exploring Busay Falls, Lobtob Spring and Jimili-an Spring...on Foot mtn

Exploring Busay Falls, Lobtob Spring and Jimili-an Spring...on Foot

(Nov 11, 2017) I thought the Sevilla Downhill mountain bike ride was the craziest I've done with Jeffrey, but this one tops them all - trekking down into very slippery trail, jumping into a raging river, swimming against the current and going underneath the waterfall! Don't try this unless accompanied by Jeffrey! more »»

Bad Genius - movie review movies

Bad Genius - movie review

(Sep 9, 2017) Bad Genius is a Thai film (English subtitle) about a brilliant student who helps her classmates cheat the exams for money....more »»

Freediving at Molave Point, Dauis skin

Freediving at Molave Point, Dauis

(Nov 6, 2017) Molave Point is perhaps a best kept secret in Dauis despite not having a beach. No need to go far from Tagbilaran. Molave has a sudden and deep drop-off you just see a deep blue - perfect for scuba diving and freediving. The shallows offer an animated coral scene for snorkelers. To top all of that, you have the sardine bowl right smack where you do a cliff dive. What more could you ask for?....more »»

The Return to Hinagdanan Cave caving

The Return to Hinagdanan Cave

(Nov 5, 2017) The first time I visited Hinagdanan Cave with Juan, we didn't get to swim. This time around with Jeffrey, Juan's son, and RJ, we came prepared with swim wear and snorkeling gear....more »»

Stand-Up Paddle Yoga with Joan Christine yoga

Stand-Up Paddle Yoga with Joan Christine

(Nov 3, 2017) I've done SUP yoga on a static pool, but here in Loboc, SUP yoga is offered by SUP Tours Philippines along the Loboc River as you drift downstream on the current. If you get lucky, you get to do it while it's raining on a high tide with a stronger current...and that's how it was for me, woohoo! Conducting this class was Joan Christine, a registered Sivananda yoga teacher and ASI supyoga instructor.....more »»

Solo Ride to the Sikatuna Tree Park mtb

Solo Ride to the Sikatuna Tree Park

(Nov 2, 2017) The plan was to re-visit the tarsier of Corella for an in-depth tour of tariers in the wild within its natural sanctuary. Instead, I ended up at the Tree Park of Sikatuna on the lookout overlooking the rest of Bohol....more »»

Killer MTB Ride from Sevilla mtb

Killer MTB Ride from Sevilla

(Oct 30, 2017) The Sevilla-Loboc downhill ride is the most brutal I've done with Jeffrey. We had to dismount even on the downhills as well as the uphills for the same reason - wet, big, densely-packed pointed rocks covered in moss on a tight single-track with major drops. It was challenging to steer the tires between the rocks at best and at worst, we had to dismount. Other times, there was simply no line to follow......more »»

Loboc River Cruise on a Stand-Up Paddle traveling

Loboc River Cruise on a Stand-Up Paddle

(Oct 29, 2017) Initially, standing on an oversized surfboard with a paddle in hand felt tentative given the balancing act, the river current and the actual paddling. But after getting the hang of it, it got more fun. At the end of it, I was playing with the board and doing yoga poses!....more »»

Cycling to the Tarsiers of Corella mtb

Cycling to the Tarsiers of Corella

(Oct 26, 2017) It was a 15km leisurely bike ride with Juan which passed through the town of Sikatuna, all the way to Corella, the site of another sanctuary for the famous Tarsier, Bohol's miniature bug-eyed monkey....more »»

Exploring Hinagdanan Cave caving

Exploring Hinagdanan Cave

(Oct 24, 2017) It was supposed to be an overnight at Pamilacan Island across Baclayon, but there was no boat and no system in place to get there, so Juan and I ended up exploring Hinagdanan Cave instead. With its tide-fed brine-water pool inside a cathedral expanse, it's a marvel to behold!....more »»

Living Parallel Lives lucid

Living Parallel Lives

(Oct 23, 2017) What if you experience a life that you passed off as a 'could have been' or a 'should have been'? We face many choices in life, but only one choice to live out. But what if we all live them out as parallel lives? With my 30-day mini-life in a different destination, I get a glimpse of my parallel lives, one radically different from the other...more »»

The Ride to Morning Hill mtb

The Ride to Morning Hill

(Oct 22, 2017) After doing the zipline, trekking and exploring 3 caves, we should have called it a day. But Jeffrey suggested climbing Morning Hill on our bikes. Huh? It's far and it's an unrelenting climb! Why not?....more »»

Exploring Guimba and Sog-ong Caves of Loboc caving

Exploring Guimba and Sog-ong Caves of Loboc

(Oct 22, 2017) It was surprising for me to hear about caves in Loboc. Outside Loboc, nobody talks about Loboc Caves. But Jeffrey assured me there are quite a handful of caves. They are so obscure, most don't even have names.....more »»

The Ride to the Old Spanish Tower mtb

The Ride to the Old Spanish Tower

(Oct 21, 2017) Increasingly, the mountain bike rides I have with Jeffrey is morphing into a bike tour - a mix of hard riding when needed with stopovers to explore anything interesting. Our ride had stops at a hilltop house overlooking the landscape below and an extended bamboo foot-bridge leading to a restored Spanish watch tower.....more »»

Savouring Villagio Pizza pizza

Savouring Villagio Pizza

(Oct 19, 2017) I'm a pizza guy, so one of the surprises I had in Loboc is Villagio Pizza. It cooks pizza using a wood-fired oven and it serves cold Cerveza Negra - 2 things that don't happen too often in big cities, let alone in a small municipality....more »»

Wet and Wild Bonbon-Alegria Downhill Ride mtb

Wet and Wild Bonbon-Alegria Downhill Ride

(Oct 18, 2017) The soon-to-be-completed diversion road from Bonbon-Alegria in Loboc was a promising downhill ride. To get there, we loaded up the bikes on a truck for the 7km uphill ride. From there, we simply bomb down all the way home. BUT it was pouring hard rain. It was a wet and wild ride!....more »»

River Cruise on Loboc River traveling

River Cruise on Loboc River

(Oct 17, 2017) Loboc's primary tourism draw is the river cruise along the famed Loboc River. It's usually packed even on weekdays. First time I was in Loboc in 2015, it was a 2-hour wait, so we bailed. Now, I finally get the chance to experience what all the hype is all about....more »»

Back Road Ride to Loay mtb

Back Road Ride to Loay

(Oct 17, 2017) It was a leisurely ride through the mountain back roads of Loboc all the way to the coastal town of Loay, passing through the hidden but majectic Balay Silangan, a grand house-turned-resort on the mountain slope overlooking the sea and Loboc River...more »»

Leisurely Ride to Loktob Spring mtb

Leisurely Ride to Loktob Spring

(Oct 14, 2017) For a change, my mtb tour guide Jeffrey, decided to do a more leisurely exploration of other Loboc essentials - Loktob Spring, Eco-Tourism Adventure Park and the landslide caused by the earthquake of 2013....more »»

Sweet Ride to Busay Falls mtb

Sweet Ride to Busay Falls

(Oct 13, 2017) Imagine being on a summit facing a technical downhill single track on a mountain slope - ruts, roots, winding trails, rocks, mud and drops. And then add rain to that. What do you have? A super-sweet ride!....more »»

Bike Climb to the Virgen de Guadalupe mtb

Bike Climb to the Virgen de Guadalupe

(Oct 12, 2017) Today was an arduous climb on a bike with Jeffrey to the Virgen de Guadalupe, a giant statue of the Black Madonna perched on a Loboc summit with a clear line of sight to another iconic religious landmark, the Cruz Daku.....more »»

The Ride to Cruz Daku (Big Cross) mtb

The Ride to Cruz Daku (Big Cross)

(Oct 11, 2017)I'd been commuting on a bike, but no hard riding...until Loboc. My landlord is a biker but a little out of shape. With the presence of a riding buddy (me!), he finds new vigor to be back on the saddle. One morning, he invites me to go riding with him to the summit where a giant cross looms over Loboc - Cruz Daku!....more »»

Exploring Loboc, Bohol traveling

Exploring Loboc, Bohol

(Oct 8, 2017) I left Tagbilaran not really knowing where I move to next. I ended up in Loboc, about 90 mins by bus. If not for the popular Loboc River Cruise, Loboc would be an obscure dot on the map. The main drag is a 50-meter strip on the main road. I couldn't help thinking, 'What am I doing here?'. If that's not challenging enough, I signed up for 30 days in a cheap room in the heart of town. Let's see what happens here.....more »»


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