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Kundani Yoga - Emotional Release Series, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7, Movement 2 music

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7, Movement 2

(Oct 22, 2020) The first 3 minutes of Symphony 7 Movement 2 has the precise vibrational frequency that empowers you to let go - let go of sorrow, grief, negativity, and anger so that you can move on in life. It allows you to forgive - forgive yourself and others. It's a way to free yourself from stuck energies. By clearing the clutter, you create new space to attract everything you need....more »»

Vinyasa Krama and Ashtanga Yoga with Aida Yoga yoga

Vinyasa Krama and Ashtanga Yoga with Aida Yoga

(Oct 18, 2020) Aida's yoga classes exude years of dedicated practice and devotion. They are grounded and well-intentioned at the outset, challenging but doable with intelligent sequencing, clearly cued and well paced,, seamless and fluid, and capped by an angelic rendition of Gayatri Mantra.....more »»

Deepak Chopra: author, lecturer, healer Chiang Mai, Thailand

Deepak Chopra: author, lecturer, healer

(Oct 12, 2020) Deepak has been one of the front runners in the New Age wellness era where he fusions science, ayurveda, yoga, mysticism and esoteric teachings into a viable and comprehensible healing modality that is relevant to the modern conscious seeker.....more »»

Movie Review: Searching for Sugar Man (2012) movies

Movie Review: Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

(Oct 7, 2020) This movie is a true-to-life Cinderella tale of Sixto Rodriguez, an obscure American musician, whose music fueled and inspired the anti-apartheid revolution in South Africa. Meanwhile, in his hometown Detroit, Sixto gave up music and worked as a construction worker, making ends meet, completely oblivious that halfway around the world in South Africa, he was bigger than life...bigger than Elvis Presley...more »»

Movie Review: The Last Full Measure (2019) movies

Movie Review: The Last Full Measure (2019)

(Oct 6, 2020) This is a gripping human drama about a KIA (Vietnam War) American soldier who was denied a well deserved Medal of Honor, and the men who fought for the next 3 decades to ensure the medal was given, with a help of a bureaucrat who had a change of heart in the process...more »»

Chiang Mai Peoplescape Aug-Sep 2020 Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Peoplescape Aug-Sep 2020

(Sep 30, 2020) Like a revolving door, Chiang Mai's peoplescape continues to revolve bringing-in new arrivals while those who were stranded were finally able to leave. This begins a new chapter in the mosaic making up the faces that adorn Chiang Mai....more »»

Biggest Stone in his Shoe verbatim

Biggest Stone in his Shoe

(Sep 1, 2020) Boy and Girl are good friends, but Boy likes the Girl, and Girl already has a boyfriend. Boy and Boyfriend know each other and don't really like each other. Boy talks to Girl about her boyfriend.....more »»

Siddhis (yogic super powers) yoga siddhi

Siddhis (yogic super powers)

(Sep 30, 2020) Siddhis are yogic super natural powers that develop involuntarily as the yogi's practice goes deeper and more focused. There are 64 minor siddhis and 8 major siddhis ranging from clairvoyance to levitation.....more »»

Learning the Import/Export Trade sliceoflife

Learning the Import/Export Trade

(Sep 4, 2020) A simple request to look for a programmer who can develop a database for a shipping company turned into learning the essentials of the shipping business....more »»

Music and Magic at Justin's Birthday Bash chill

Music and Magic at Justin's Birthday Bash

(Sep 3, 2020) Not sure how I made the grade, but I got on the shortlist of Justin's birthday bash at Sherloft Home & Hostel together with select friends which mostly came from Chiang Mai's conscious community. Bliss, love and harmony simply overflowed.....more »»

Intelligent Romantic Break-up lucid

Intelligent Romantic Break-up

(Aug 25, 2020) Romantic break-ups are usually characterized by emotional hysteria, bitterness, anguish and regret. But when expectations are managed between two evolved people who understand the law of nature, impermanence and detachment, breaking-up can very well be an educated move, borne out of logic and grounding.....more »»

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) Lucid Thoughts

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

(Aug 31, 2020) Nietzsche claims that no one would not even know what happiness is until he suffers first. Makes sense. If you had been happy all your life, you wouldn't know that your state of being is happiness. But is this really a necessary process?....more »»

Hippie Night at Nawa Saraan Healing Space chilling-out in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hippie Night at Nawa Saraan Healing Space

(July 24, 2020) Making the most of my stay in Chiang Mai, which could abruptly end by July 31, depending on extended visa exemption, I thought I'd come out of the hippie closet and host a fun-filled night with friends. Why not call it a Hippie Night?....more »»

Alan Strydom Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Podcast Series: Alan "Heart Math" Strydom

(Jul 17, 2020) In a Zeitgeist of emergent mind-expansion modalities, Heart Math comes along with the endorsement of 2 biggies in the conscious landscape - Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza. How is Heart Math different from all the rest? Who needs Heart Math? To get the low-down, I sat down with Heart Math Director, Lead Trainer, and Master Coach Alan Strydom....more »»

Yoga Class to move Prana Vayu (energy) yoga

Yoga Class to move Prana Vayu (energy)

(July 11-12, 2020) I've long toyed with the idea of conducting advanced Prana Vayu Yoga Classeses. Now back in Chiang Mai at Nawa Saraan with time on my hands and no hotel guests to worry about, I was already in an ideal position to do so. I'd just be sharing my private practice and make a little money along the way.....more »»

Coming Back to Chiang Mai traveling

Coming Back to Chiang Mai

(Jun 29, 2020) Not unlike Odysseus (of the Iliad) who spent the next 10 years trying to reach home after the Trojan War, so were my frustrated attempts at coming back to Chiang Mai after the burning season - but my sojourn only lasted 2 months. Because of the Covid lockdown, it wasn't possible. In a stroke of luck, I came upon a bus trip for Chiang Mai without me even looking for it.....more »»

Dr. Joe Dispenza: Activating the Pineal Gland pineal gland

Dr. Joe Dispenza: Activating the Pineal Gland

(Jun 11, 2020) Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how we can control our breathing to activate our pineal gland to transform our being from survival to that of creation. Essentially, without using esoteric words, he is saying our access to enhancing our being is through the pineal gland.....more »»


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