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Nada Meditation (perceiving the Inner Sound) meditation

Nada Meditation (perceiving the Inner Sound)

(Jan 17, 2021) Within our being are different levels of vibration and sublety, all generating different sounds. They are always present but we don't perceive them because the monkey mind is too distracted by the outside world. Nada Meditation enables us to close the doors so we can hear the inner sound within.....more »»

Bindu (moon center chakra) yoga chakra

Bindu (moon center chakra)

(Jan 13, 2021) The nectar of immortality or the fountain of youth, the amrita, is produced in the Bindu Chakra. Activating the Bindu Chakra also activates the pineal gland which is responsible for clairvoyance and heightened mental states. Bindu is also the seat of the psychic sound, Nada. Although obscure, the Bindu plays an important role in spiritual development.....more »»

The Silent Killer is Baaack! sliceoflife

The Silent Killer is Baaack!

(Jan 12, 2021) Three years ago, after landing on my face from a 22-foot cliff dive to the ocean, I suffered from vertigo - a sensation where everything around me was spinning. I recovered, but my doctor warned me that it may come back. It just did!....more »»

Learning the Thai Language learning

Learning the Thai Language

(Jan 9, 2021) I love Thailand and I'd been here for over 2 years now. I've always talked about learning the local language but always put it aside. There is no excuse. Now that 2021 has started, I'm attempting to learn it one more time through online materials - pdf, video, translators, etc. Maybe I can make feeble attempts at actual conversation with Thai people. I'll give this an honest 1 hour/day effort. Let's see where it takes me.....more »»

Movie Review: Soul (2020) movies

Movie Review: Soul (2020)

(Jan 6, 2021) With clean animation worthy of a Pixar film, this movie is a feel-good narrative of a musician torn between security and passion. It's a journey into the meaning of life - what makes life worth living?....more »»

Visiting Aida and Sofie in Pai traveling

Visiting Aida and Sofie in Pai

(Jan 3-5, 2021) I love Chiang Mai. But when Ashtanga yoga teacher, Aida and her daughter Sofie, invited me to Pai for a New Year break, it felt like a refreshing break from my routine. It would be great to see 'Madonna and Child' one more time and see how they're doing.....more »»

2020: A Year in Review lucid

2020: A Year in Review

(Dec 31, 2020) 2020 is a hallmark year for global destabilization brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic. Trump lost the election to Joe Biden, but he wouldn't leave office. The killing of George Floyd ignited what has now become the Black Lives Matter movement, sparking global social unrest. China geared-up its global expansion going against all flags. How did all this affect me?....more »»

Reversing/Slowing Down the Aging Process yoga

Reversing/Slowing Down the Aging Process

(Dec 30, 2020) Aging is seen as a process that inevitably leads to degradation of life which ultimately leads to death. New science argues that that is not necessarily the case. The aging process can be slowed down. You can be 60 years old and have an energetic age much younger than people half your age. Or, you can be 30 and be biologically 60 years old.....more »»

Making Good Conversation lucid

Making Good Conversation

(Nov 26, 2020) With the advent of smart phones, social media, short attention spans, and an increasingly disconnected world, real conversation-in-the-flesh is becoming archival footnote. And when conversation takes place, changing social norms and convention make it a mine field on what the dos and don'ts are. Here's a smart guideline from radio host and public speaker, Celeste Headlee...more »»

High Intensity Interval Yoga (Yoga + HIIT) yoga

High Intensity Interval Yoga (Yoga + HIIT)

(Nov 14, 2020) This class combines traditional yoga asana, pranayama and meditation, together with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for a cardio-vascular benefit to strengthen the heart and increase stamina (and lose weight)....more »»

Cleansing the Nadis (Energy Pathway) yoga nadi

Cleansing the Nadis (Energy Pathway)

(Nov 13, 2020) In yoga, nadis are etheric energy pathways within the body - they are not physical. Prana (energy or life force) flows through the 72,000 nadis that exist in the body, similar to nerve impulses moving through the network of nerves within the autonomic nervous system. When nadi is blocked, prana cannot flow through and results in illness. Nadis converge in the chakras (energy hubs). There are 3 major nadis in the body - ida, pingala and sushumna.....more »»

Yoga for a 360-degree Core yoga

Yoga for a 360-degree Core

(Nov 6, 2020) This online Yoga for Core Development class selects asanas designed for the core and also includes established gym core practices. They are fused together with pranayama and meditation to bring about a fortified core (abs, obliques and lower back muscles), a state of stillness and increased awareness.....more »»


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