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Polyamory lucid
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Lalana Chakra yoga
Chakra Series: Lalana Chakra
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Life and Times of John Gokongwei Jr. peoplescape
Life and Times of John Gokongwei Jr.
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Making Good Conversation lucid

Making Good Conversation

(Nov 26, 2020) With the advent of smart phones, social media, short attention spans, and an increasingly disconnected world, real conversation-in-the-flesh is becoming archival footnote. And when conversation takes place, changing social norms and convention make it a mine field on what the dos and don'ts are. Here's a smart guideline from radio host and public speaker, Celeste Headlee...more »»

High Intensity Interval Yoga (Yoga + HIIT) yoga

High Intensity Interval Yoga (Yoga + HIIT)

(Nov 14, 2020) This class combines traditional yoga asana, pranayama and meditation, together with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for a cardio-vascular benefit to strengthen the heart and increase stamina (and lose weight)....more »»

Cleansing the Nadis (Energy Pathway) yoga nadi

Cleansing the Nadis (Energy Pathway)

(Nov 13, 2020) In yoga, nadis are etheric energy pathways within the body - they are not physical. Prana (energy or life force) flows through the 72,000 nadis that exist in the body, similar to nerve impulses moving through the network of nerves within the autonomic nervous system. When nadi is blocked, prana cannot flow through and results in illness. Nadis converge in the chakras (energy hubs). There are 3 major nadis in the body - ida, pingala and sushumna.....more »»

Yoga for a 360-degree Core yoga

Yoga for a 360-degree Core

(Nov 6, 2020) This online Yoga for Core Development class selects asanas designed for the core and also includes established gym core practices. They are fused together with pranayama and meditation to bring about a fortified core (abs, obliques and lower back muscles), a state of stillness and increased awareness.....more »»

Movie Review: The Outpost (2020) movies

Movie Review: The Outpost (2020)

(Nov 5, 2020) This true story centers on American soldiers defending an indefensible outpost in a valley surrounded by mountains in Afganistan where they were essentially sitting ducks. It showcases their heroism and bravery against the Taliban forces.....more »»

Ajna (third eye chakra) yoga chakra

Ajna (third eye chakra)

(Oct 7, 2020) With an activated Ajna Chakra, one sees reality for what it really is - beyond the clutter, beyond the cobwebs, beyond the apparent level but with sweetness of emotion so you relish your humanity and not be clinical...more »»

Edward Witten: 'the smartest living physicist' Nong Khai, Thailand

Edward Witten: 'the smartest living physicist'

(Nov 4, 2020) When the most brilliant physicists on the planet call you 'the smartest living physicist', by no small measure, you are beyond brilliant. When he talks, the most acclaimed of them all shut-up and listen, hanging by his every word. When the most distinguished award in mathematics (Fields Medal) is given to a physicist, and not to a mathematician, you have to be none other than Edward Witten.....more »»

Bashar as Channeled by Darryl Anka people

Bashar as Channeled by Darryl Anka

(Oct 26, 2020) If you can get passed the channeling aspect of Bashar, and instead listen to what is being said, you'll find a treasure trove of insight that are logical, urgent, relevant, and a call to action. This is more compelling than what most cryptic gurus are saying.....more »»

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7, Movement 2 music

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7, Movement 2

(Oct 22, 2020) The first 3 minutes of Symphony 7 Movement 2 has the precise vibrational frequency that empowers you to let go - let go of sorrow, grief, negativity, and anger so that you can move on in life. It allows you to forgive - forgive yourself and others. It's a way to free yourself from stuck energies. By clearing the clutter, you create new space to attract everything you need....more »»

Vinyasa Krama and Ashtanga Yoga with Aida Yoga yoga

Vinyasa Krama and Ashtanga Yoga with Aida Yoga

(Oct 18, 2020) Aida's yoga classes exude years of dedicated practice and devotion. They are grounded and well-intentioned at the outset, challenging but doable with intelligent sequencing, clearly cued and well paced,, seamless and fluid, and capped by an angelic rendition of Gayatri Mantra.....more »»


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