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Thai Food Cooking at ISaan Workshop Udon Thani, Thailand

Thai Food Cooking at ISaan Workshop

(Feb 26, 2020) Stumbling-upon a fashionable cafe in Udon Thani, the I AM Champ Cafe, I met the charming owner who invited me to partake in her forthcoming cooking workshop. My last cooking class was still in Chiang Mai. Now I get the chance to roll-up my sleeve and try Udon Thani's culinary specialty!....more »»

Movie Review: Parasite movies

Movie Review: Parasite

(Feb 25, 2020) There is a reason Parasite won the first ever foreign film for Best Picture at the Oscar Awards. It's a Korean film you have to watch in English subtitles. Foreign film and subtitles are usually a death knell for a film award in Hollywood, but Parasite transcended that hurdle. Enough said, just watch the movie.....more »»

Abundance in Udon Thani, Thailand Udon Thani, Thailand

Abundance in Udon Thani, Thailand

(Feb 25, 2020) After the void of Sukhothai and Phitsanulok, I began to question what the heck I was traveling for. But when I reached Udon Thani, I felt the same surge of energy I felt in Chiang Mai. It was the familiar tap on the shoulder by my benevolent universe, letting me know there'll be good times ahead. True enough, within 24 hours of arriving, I already bartered a hotel deal, cooking class workshop and movie nights. I was once again into the FLOW!....more »»

Visiting Sukhothai, Thailand Sukhothai, Thailand

Visiting Sukhothai, Thailand

(Feb 20-23, 2020) From Mae Sot, my next East-bound destination would have been Tak, but the cheapest accommodation was over B300 - deal breaker! I found an B102/night hostel in Sukhothai, the next city east of Tak. That's all that matters for now. Sukhothai it is! What's there? I'll find out when I get there.....more »»

Teaching 'Marketing English' to Hotel Staff teaching

Teaching 'Marketing English' to Hotel Staff

(Feb 17-19, 2020) The hostel owner I was staying at, asked if I can teach his staff English while I was there. I said yes, but wasn't sure how to make it effective given the few days I would be there. Then it hit me, why not teach them hotel-specific English that would help sell services offered by the hotel?....more »»

Post-Umphang Mae Sot Mae Sot, Thailand

Post-Umphang Mae Sot

(Feb 15-20, 2020) From Umphang, I was supposed to get my stuff from Sleep Nest Hostel in Mae Sot and head east for Tak. But the B47/night deal in Tak wasn't available anymore. More importantly, I like being in Mae Sot, hanging out at Sleep Nest Hostel. Pulling another ace off my sleeve, I offered to develop a customized map for the hostel in exchange for 2 nights. The owner said yes!....more »»


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