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I'm in  Kathmandu, Nepal, momo anyone? Email me. -- TheLoneRider

Fitness in Kathmandu fitness

Fitness in Kathmandu

(Apr 15, 2018) As soon as I got settled in Kathmandu, first order of the day was to resume my fitness workout. Despite the cold and limited space, I did my asana, calisthenics, pranayama and meditation on the roof deck of my hostel....more »»

7 Days in Kathmandu traveling

7 Days in Kathmandu

(April 13-20, 2018) With 2 nights pre-booking at the newly built 8848 Hostel, it was a painless start for me to begin a 30-day mini life in Kathmandu. I simply have to figure out what happens to me after those 2 nights. Kathmandu is exciting with energies unbound. And yes, it's seriously dusty! After only 7 days though, I had to leave....more »»

Goodbye and Thank You Kuantan traveling

Goodbye and Thank You Kuantan

(Apr 13, 2018) After staying 17 days in Kuantan, it was time again to pack-up and leave for a new destination. 17 days gave me glimpse of Kuantan's people, its culture, cafes, eating places and tourist attractions. I think the challenge for a traveler is to find the hidden gems in a place where it's not too apparent. I think I leave Kuantan having discovered a few.....more »»

Satipatthana Sutta Vipassana meditation

Satipatthana Sutta Vipassana

(Mar 16-25, 2018) Satipatthana Sutta is a more advanced 10-day silent meditation course in Vipassana with increased focus on "awareness". To quality for the course practically meant living a semi-monk life. I came away from the course knowing there was a missing link that changes everything about staying on the path...more »»

The CubbyHole: Envisioning a Utopian Shangrila lucid

The CubbyHole: Envisioning a Utopian Shangrila

(Mar 10, 2018) Lately, I've been thinking about settling down somewhere in the Philippines after this overseas travel. Because of this intention, I had been coming across exciting things that fortify this vision to become a viable reality - this time with inspiration from a Greek philosopher who lived 350 years before Christ who pontificated about acquiring happiness.....more »»

What's Your Religion? lucid

What's Your Religion?

(Mar 6, 2018) Given my libertarian view of life, I am often asked what my religion is. Religion is always a hotbed for heated debates and best avoided. I've always given an honest answer and I've never been confrontational. I respect people's rights to believe in their chosen faith...and I don't push mine. Giving it more thought, I think my religion is the most simple and yet the most difficult to live by.....more »»


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