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Pranayama Basics II yoga

Pranayama Basics II

(Jun 16, 2021) This class is a continuation of last week's Pranayama Basics class. We simply pick-up where we took off. The intention is to do as few breaths as possible within the given 3 minutes on a particular pranayama, without straining. Asana is interspersed with pranayama to modulate the flow of prana. The class ends with meditation....more »»

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Katharine Day yoga

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Katharine Day

(Jun 17, 2021) She's not a model attending a yoga class - she's the teacher! Looking lean and strong like an Ashtangi, having a commanding presence on the mat, articulated cuing with that unmistakable British accent, she can only be Kate - one of my favorite yoga teachers here in Chiang Mai.....more »»

Biohackers Meetup in Chiang Mai fitness

Biohackers Meetup in Chiang Mai

(Jan 25, 2003) I've always been a biohacker before I even knew the word. I think biohacking is a state of thinking. You have this uncanny ability to connect the dots inside your head from diverse disciplines, with an intuitive hunch on the outcome. In more ways than one, the only way to find out if it works is to try it on your body - you become the guinea pig. When Jason organized a biohacker meetup, I just had to show up.....more »»

Not the Usual Day-to-Day Life sliceoflife

Not the Usual Day-to-Day Life

(May 31, 2021) After 2 years staying at Nawa Saraan in Chiang Mai, I have developed my daily routine. But every once in a while, something out of the usual happens.....more »»

Morphing Peoplescape of Chiang Mai people

Morphing Peoplescape of Chiang Mai

(May 31, 2021) Still reeling from Covid lashback, life continues to hum nicely along this slice of paradise on God's green earth....wih warm company from dear friends.....more »»

Breathwork & Ice Bath with Jason Ryer of Zen Strength yoga

Breathwork & Ice Bath with Jason Ryer of Zen Strength

(May 23, 2021) I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there is another guy in Chiang Mai hosting ice baths - Jason Ryer of Zen Strength. Hmmmm. Last time I did an ice bath at the Draper Startup House, I stayed on for 12 minutes. How long can I hold it this time?....more »»

It's Raining Bell Peppers food

It's Raining Bell Peppers

(May 7, 2021) Bell peppers were once again on sale at Mueang Mai Market - Baht for a huge bushel! Possibilities? Bell pepper juice, bell pepper bread, stuffed bell pepper, bell pepper pizza, etc. Time to roll-up the sleeves in the kitchen.....more »»

A Powerful Lesson from the Car Mechanic Verbatim Lucid Thought Slice of Life

A Powerful Lesson from the Car Mechanic

(July 29, 1970) My Dad found a brilliant car mechanic- he could diagnose a car trouble with uncanny skill and get it fixed. With such a find, my Dad thought about putting up a car repair shop and have the guy be the chief mechanic. But the mechanic did something that put a stop to all that. I learned a powerful lesson.....more »»

Who Missed Sunday School? sliceoflife

Who Missed Sunday School?

(July 30, 1970) I dreaded Mondays. As a 5th grader, the religion teacher would ask the class who went to church last Sunday. Like every other Monday, I would be the odd guy out coz my parents were not church goers. I would brace myself for the usual humiliating punishment. This went on every Monday for two fucking years!....more »»

Guess Who's Coming to Bread Day? Nong Khai, Thailand

Guess Who's Coming to Bread Day?

(Mar 1, 2021) Alan, Nicola and I were all protective about our dynamics on our Monday Bread Day. So far, no one has been allowed unanimously for fear of disruption. But then, Christine came along.....more »»


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