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Movie Review: Alita Battle Angel movies

Movie Review: Alita Battle Angel

(Feb 19, 2019) Movie-making benchmark has been upped a notch with Alita Battle Angel. All the elements that go into a classic and memorable movie are etched into this compelling 125-min action sci-fi that bridges man and machine.....more »»

International Training Massage School (ITM): LEVEL I: Foundation of Thai Massage massage

International Training Massage School (ITM): Level 1

(Feb 11-15, 2019) Thai Massage is world-famous and there's no better place to learn it than at Chiang Mai's most prestigious massage center, the International Training Massage School. This is my first day to earning my Level 1 Certification Course in Thai Massage. 30 hours altogether. Time to roll up my sleeves.....more »»

Green Book movies

Movie Review: Green Book

(Jan 30, 2019) Green Book is a true-to-life movie about an unlikely friendship between a racist Italian WOP and an established Black concert pianist as they tour the deep south for a series of concert engagements. 2 thumbs up!....more »»

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) movies

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

(Jan 27, 2019) Much has been said and written about Queen's flamboyant band leader, Freddie Mercury, but this movie added new insight into the man and the band. The superb acting by Rami Malek who played the lead role breathed life into Freddie. For the 2 hours the movie played, Freddie Mercury rose from his ashes and played his music one more time to mesmerize a global audience.....more »»

Movie Review: Aquaman movies

Movie Review: Aquaman

(Jan 26, 2019) Aquaman is a DC comics-based action adventure movie about a half mortal, half merman and his fight to claim the throne of Atlantis. It's got many genres going for it - action, romance, drama, sci-fi with generous pouring of high-tech CGI visual magic. It all works out. Good movie to spend your buck on!....more »»

Reiki Share at the Mastermind Brain Spa meditation

Reiki Share at the Mastermind Brain Spa

(Jan 26, 2019) I saw a posting on Facebook about a free Reiki Share and got curious. I've received reiki twice but I don't know much about it. As a self-healer, I wanted to know more. Perhaps there would be elements I could integrate into my self-healing practice.....more »»

Arahattamagga Arahattaphala - the path to Aranhantship books
Arahattamagga Arahattaphala - the path to Aranhantship
(Dec 30, 2018) Coming Soon!

Resuming Life in Chiang Mai traveling

Resuming Life in Chiang Mai

(Jan 24, 2019) With a proper tourist visa to stay in Thailand, I am back in Chiang Mai (from Hanoi) to start a 60-day mini-life. It will be a different life from most of what I experienced in 2018. This time, I have sufficient cash for a few months (instead of landing on a country with only $50) and a rood over my head. These are 2 of my most pressing concerns - but now, I can put those worries away and be more open to other things that land on my plate.....more »»

18-Day Mini-Life in Hanoi traveling

18-Day Mini-Life in Hanoi

(Jan 6-24, 2019) Hanoi, unlike most of the places I'd been to in Vietnam, has its own uniqueness. Food is very good, street culture is intense and bustling (at least in Old Quarter) and vendors are edgy. They have that grit in them. I haven't met a local I'd been close to, but I could imagine that beneath that tough exterior is kindness and generosity.....more »»

4 Days in Chiang Mai at Nawa Saraan Hotel traveling

4 Days in Chiang Mai at Nawa Saraan Hotel

(Jan 2-6, 2019) After Pai, Mike and I headed to Chiang Mai where he checked me in at his luxurious Nawa Saraan Hotel. With 4 days before my Thailand visa expiration, I had to plan out my next move. Mike suggested I apply for a 60-day tourist visa with Thai Embassy in Hanoi and I could stay at a room in Nawa Saraan. Whoa!....more »»

Overnight in Pai with Mike traveling

Overnight in Pai with Mike

(Jan 1, 2019) New Year's day, Mike and I left Wat Pa Tam Wua Forest Monastery to head back to Chiang Mai. En route, we stopped-by Pai for an overnight. Pai hasn't lost its quaint hippie charm. We met many people from the monastery as Pai was a logical destination for a decompression from all that meditative bliss from the wat.....more »»

2018: A Year In Review traveling

2018: A Year In Review

(Dec 31, 2018) In mid-March 2018, I left Loboc (Philippines) to start traveling again. I haven't been back since. 9 1/2 months of continuous travel with no end in sight as of this writing. The adventure has taken me to Malaysia, Nepal, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. For the most part of my travel this year, I was really just hovering on 'no cash'. I've arrived Bangkok twice with just less than $100 but had to survive 30 days. Strangely, not once have I missed a meal or slept on a sidewalk...more »»

Bangkok with $19 traveling

Bangkok with $19

(Dec 8-11, 2018) Arriving Bangkok from DaNang with just $19, first thing was to get free lodging and pawn my GPS. Now with $119, I could prepare for my trip north to a forest monastery for a 10-day meditation retreat....more »»


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