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In Pursuit of Happiness lucid thoughts

In Pursuit of Happiness

(Aug 2020) Everybody wants to be happy. It's a universal desire. But very few people are truly happy. What does it take to be happy? Six renowned philosophers share their thoughts - all are compelling, yet surprisingly, most contradict each other.....more »»

Manipuraka (Navel Chakra) Chiang Mai, Thailand

Manipuraka (Navel Chakra)

(Aug 5, 2020) Manipuraka Chakra resides at the navel. A person at Manipuraka is strong in body and mind. He is a mover and shaker. He dominates and asserts. He also wonders if this is all that life is all about....more »»

Shifting Peoplescape of Chiang Mai people

Shifting Peoplescape of Chiang Mai

(July 31, 2020) Chiang Mai has been resuming normalcy from the Covid lockdown. Events are back and people are beginning to come out. Yoga in the Park is now daily. Chiang Mai Blues Band is now gigging at My Bar and Thaphae East. I saw old friends who managed to stay intact during the lockdown. Some were stuck somewhere else awaiting for Thailand's borders to open up again. The first order of the day was to let old friends know I was back. I've already invited a few for a catch-up at Nawa Saraan or just around the bend at EM16 Bar.....more »»

Yoga Class for Strength and Muscle yoga

Yoga Class for Strength and Muscle

(Jul 30, 2020) Yoga was never designed to build muscles. But if you already practice yoga and want to build strength and muscles at the same time, then why not combine the best of both worlds? Building muscles while practicing yoga does not necessarily mean compromising the goal of yoga.....more »»

Yoga Class for Optimum Digestion yoga

Yoga Class for Optimum Digestion

(July 29, 2020) If you eat 3 meals a day and don't poop 3 times a day, you are constipated. Yoga has a system to cleanse the digestive system, increase digestive metabolism and enhance absorption of nutrients.....more »»

Abs Yoga: Core Sequence yoga

Abs Yoga: Core Sequence

(June 14, 2014) Full 2-hour yoga sequence to develop the abdominal core. Core underpins nearly every activity you do, but it is also one of the most neglected muscle group in the body...more »»

Yoga Class for Healthy Eyes yoga

Yoga Class for Healthy Eyes

(Jul 27, 2020) Our eyes are muscles that can be exercised for clearer vision and strength. This class uses traditional yoga eye exercises and conventional vision therapy to enhance eyesight and bring back that glow.....more »»

Hippie Night at Nawa Saraan Healing Space chilling-out in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hippie Night at Nawa Saraan Healing Space

(July 24, 2020) Making the most of my stay in Chiang Mai, which could abruptly end by July 31, depending on extended visa exemption, I thought I'd come out of the hippie closet and host a fun-filled night with friends. Why not call it a Hippie Night?....more »»

Alan Strydom Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Podcast Series: Alan "Heart Math" Strydom

(Jul 17, 2020) In a Zeitgeist of emergent mind-expansion modalities, Heart Math comes along with the endorsement of 2 biggies in the conscious landscape - Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza. How is Heart Math different from all the rest? Who needs Heart Math? To get the low-down, I sat down with Heart Math Director, Lead Trainer, and Master Coach Alan Strydom....more »»

Yoga Class to move Prana Vayu (energy) yoga

Yoga Class to move Prana Vayu (energy)

(July 11-12, 2020) I've long toyed with the idea of conducting advanced Prana Vayu Yoga Classeses. Now back in Chiang Mai at Nawa Saraan with time on my hands and no hotel guests to worry about, I was already in an ideal position to do so. I'd just be sharing my private practice and make a little money along the way.....more »»

Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit (2019) movies

Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit (2019)

(July 11, 2020) A light-hearted comedy/drama about a fanatic Hitler youth with an imaginary friend and a Jew-assisting mother who eventually sees the true nature of war.....more »»

Coming Back to Chiang Mai traveling

Coming Back to Chiang Mai

(Jun 29, 2020) Not unlike Odysseus (of the Iliad) who spent the next 10 years trying to reach home after the Trojan War, so were my frustrated attempts at coming back to Chiang Mai after the burning season - but my sojourn only lasted 2 months. Because of the Covid lockdown, it wasn't possible. In a stroke of luck, I came upon a bus trip for Chiang Mai without me even looking for it.....more »»

Dr. Joe Dispenza: Activating the Pineal Gland pineal gland

Dr. Joe Dispenza: Activating the Pineal Gland

(Jun 11, 2020) Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how we can control our breathing to activate our pineal gland to transform our being from survival to that of creation. Essentially, without using esoteric words, he is saying our access to enhancing our being is through the pineal gland.....more »»


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