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Shadow Fragments by Leopoldo Aguilar at Qube Gallery chill
Shadow Fragments by Leopoldo Aguilar at Qube Gallery
(Nov 17, 2015) Qube Gallery opens with a one-man show by abstractionist Leopoldo Aguilar entitled Shadow Fragments from Nov 17 to December 3, 2015....more »»

Yoga Adjustment and Alignment yoga
Yoga Adjustment and Alignment
(Nov 11, 2015) It is standard practice for a yoga teacher to align the student for proper body geometry or to adjust the student to sink deeper into the pose. Does it follow then that a student who can reach his toes is doing better yoga than the one who can't? If a perfect yoga pose is going to your safety edge and taking refuge in the breath, then why is it necessary to adjust the student to sink deeper into the pose?....more »»

Smoked Salmon-Belly Pizza on BBQ Sauce recipes
Smoked Salmon-Belly Pizza on BBQ Sauce
(Dec 8, 2015) How to make smoked salmon-belly pizza on bbq sauce from scratch....more »»

Meditation Basics meditation
Meditation Basics
(Nov 7, 2015) A basic guide to meditation....more »»

Pilipino Time Lucid Thoughts
Pilipino Time
(Oct 30, 2015) I had a conversation with an educated upwardly mobile Filipina executive who heads a department for a multinational company. On the subject of being 'on time', she said a few things that underscored for me, just how deeply ingrained Pilipino time is, in our culture....more »»

The Benevolent Cebu City lucid
The Benevolent Cebu City
(Oct 28, 2015) I've always maintained that a place is like a person - it has its own personality and its own unique way of interacting with you. Together, you develop dynamics where synergy can happen offering an experience similar to what best friends share in common. Cebu seems to be such a place for me....more »»

Vegetarian Cooking Demo with Chef Sharon at Studio 108 food
Vegetarian Cooking Demo with Chef Sharon at Studio 108
(Oct 24, 2015) Chef Sharon, owner and manager of the popular Surfin' Ribs, offers a cooking demo at Studio 108 where she teaches how to make pesto, pasta and canapes. Dinner, cocktails and music followed after the demo as yogis, yoginis and friends celebrated the rest of the evening with inversions, dance and funfare....more »»

The Duterte Phenomenon lucid
The Duterte Phenomenon
(Oct 21, 2015) When Secretary of Justice, Leila de Lima, went live with her ranting on the lawlessness of Davao former-mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, the public was quick to unleash its fury on her...despite her adherence to law and order, and more surprisingly, despite Duterte's openly public stance on arbitrary execution of known criminals. There is a huge public clamor for Duterte to run for president despite his clear refusal to assume such public office. I call this the Duterte Phenomenon. What's with it?....more »»

Eat, Sleep and Dive at Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort scuba
Eat, Sleep and Dive at Liquid Dumaguete Dive Resort
(Oct 11-19, 2015) Given all the yoga immersion I've been doing in Cebu, it was a great reprieve to head back to Dumaguete and do some dive action at Liquid Dumaguete in Dauin. This time however, I came with another yogini, scuba diver, sky diver - Metz. The coastline of Dauin and Apo Island would be our water playground to discover....more »»

Yogathering 2 yoga
Yogathering 2
(Oct 3-4, 2015) Yogathering 2 shifts into high gear after the successful pioneering event last August that saw yogis and yoginis gather outside the mat into a chill space out of town for yoga, meditation, healthy eats, music and fun activities....more »»

Homemade Peanut Butter using Anchor Butter and Honey recipe
Homemade Peanut Butter using Anchor Butter and Honey
(Oct 9, 2015) When I learned that the oil floating on top of store-bought peanut butter is NOT peanut oil, but instead, cheap cooking oil, peanut butter suddenly lost its charm. But since I discovered how easy it is to make one, using ingredients of my choice, the romance with peanut butter resumes....more »»

Homemade Energy Bar recipe
Homemade Energy Bar
(Oct 8, 2015) How to make your own energy bar....more »»

Tired of Being Amazed verbatim
Tired of Being Amazed
(May 24, 2015) a conversation about the succession of one good thing after another between 2 Vipassana meditators....more »»

Lalique and the Lily's Peanut Butter Glass Jar sliceoflife
Lalique and the Lily's Peanut Butter Glass Jar
(Sep 12, 2015) The highly priced Lalique art glass and the spartan Lily's Peanut Butter glass jar are as far as they get in the glassware spectrum. But to the eye of the beholder, it's almost like seeing 2 sides of the same coin....more »»

The Laundromat and the Missing Socks sliceoflife
The Laundromat and the Missing Socks
(Sep 11, 2015) Sometime in 2008 while I was still staying in Quezon City, I took my laundry to the laundromat. Upon pick-up, I noticed that my new pair of Columbia socks given to me by a friend was missing - it was my best sock. I went berserk! What followed were lessons learned that I take to this day....more »»

Freediving in Moalboal at Asian Belgian Resort skin
Freediving in Moalboal at Asian Belgian Resort
(Sep 6-7, 2015) Freediving in Moalboal to catch the sardine-run and drift-dive along the 2-km coastal drop-off with Metz and Ronet at Asian Belgian Resort....more »»

Re-purposing a Broken Umbrella sliceoflife
Re-purposing a Broken Umbrella
(Aug 27, 2015) A broken umbrella is usually thrown away. Same thing for everything that might just be too old but still functional. Despite finite resources, we evolve into a throw-away society - yet we stand firm against mining companies who ravage the earth. By disposing something broken, old, unfashionable, etc., instead of 're-using, reducing and recycling', we create increased demand for the building blocks of these gadgets that can only be extracted through mining. I use this umbrella as a metaphor to 're-purpose' for creative utility...more »»

Handstand Clinic at Surya Nanda Yoga Studio yoga
Handstand Clinic at Surya Nanda Yoga Studio
(Aug 23, 2015) I got a message from the studio asking me if I can substitute for Mechele and Steve's Sunday handstand clinic as they can't make it. Hmmmm. Handstand has long eluded me despite my marginal gains. This offers me the opportunity to research and develop a sequence that may unlock some hidden secret...and of course, share to the class...more »»

Stopping Time lucid
Stopping Time
(Aug. 5, 2015) While backbacking Southeast Asia for 9 months with no reprieve, all I wanted was for time to stop so I could take a pause, catch up on things and regain perspective. I thought that was wishful thinking until I came upon Cebu. I should have stopped. But I simply couldn't. I still kept moving. My body took matters under its own hands. I got sick. Helpless, I couldn't do anything but watch time slowly pass me by.....more »»

 Cebu City


Cebu City Hotel, Japanese Guesthouse
across Ayala Center
Cebu City

Cebu City Hotel, Japanese Guesthouse
Japanese Guesthouse
Cebu City

Cebu City Hotel
Cebu City Hotel

Resto / Cafe

Cebu City Japanese restaurant, coffee shop
Japanese restaurant
coffee shop

Cebu City Lebanese food, middle eastern cuisine
Middle Eastern Food
Phoenician breads
kebabs / fired meats

Cebu City cafe, coffee shop
Artisan Bakeshop
All Day Breakfast
Brunch Lunch Dinner

Cebu City cafe, coffee shop
Cebu City Cafe

Indian restaurant Cebu
Cebu Authentic Indian Restaurant

chicken wings, Cebu City
Chicken Wings
Cebu City

Cebu Yoga

Love Yoga World
Cebu IT Park Yoga

Yoga Tree Mactan
Mactan Yoga Studio

Studio 108 Fitness and Wellness Center
Physical fitness
Yoga & pilates

Yoga by Gigit
Yoga by Gigit

English Teacher

English Teacher in Cebu
English Teacher in Cebu


building contractor Cebu
Planning, Design to Construction in Cebu

Room for Rent

rooms for rent, Cebu
Rooms for Rent
Beverly Hills, Cebu


Moalboal Dive Resort

Asian Belgian Resort
Moalboal diving

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