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Chiang Mai, Thailand events !!!

Yoga in the Park - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Movie Review: Underwater (2020) movies

Movie Review: Underwater (2020)

(Jan 19, 2020) It's an Aliens-type movie thriller set in the bowels of the Marianas Trench featuring the Vampire trilogy love-interest, Kristen Stewart. A mining operations is under attack by a creature from the bottom of the sea and it's a race for the crew to survive the pressure and the monster.....more »»

Prasnopanishad: Understanding Prana yoga

Prasnopanishad: Understanding Prana

(Jan 17, 2020) Prasnopanishad is one of the 10 major sections of the Upanishads that talk about prana where the teacher and the students are engaged in an enquiry into the nature of the universe.....more »»

Hiking the Monk's Trail mountaineering

Hiking the Monk's Trail

(Jan 15, 2020) The most doable and most popular hike in Chiang Mai is the Monk's Trail, starting from the outskirt of the city, up the mountain path, into Wat Pha Lat. I had to do this before I finally leave Chiang Mai.....more »»

Chaturanga verbatim


(Jan 10, 2020) It was full house at yoga in the park. With the teacher's clearly articulated cueing, we were on a meditative vinyasa until he uttered those famous lines that got me chuckling all the way to Savasana.....more »»

You Spooned Me verbatim

You Spooned Me

(Jan 3, 2020) I introduced myself to a lady in the park after the yoga class. She said, 'We've already met. You spooned me.'....more »»

2019: A Year in Review traveling

2019: A Year in Review

(Dec 31, 2019) 2019 was definitely a year of abundance, of non-struggle, of ease, of peoplescape immersion, of settling down, of deepening my yoga practice, and of not being poor.....more »»

Friends, Coffeemates and Breadmates (Dec 2019) people

Friends, Coffeemates and Breadmates (Dec 2019)

(Dec 31, 2019) With the yuletide season in high gear, people who have left during the burning season, the scorching summer and the rainy days, have come back. And they bring with them their kinetic energy and good vibe. All good as I stumble upon them, one story at a time...over bread, coffee and friendship.....more »»

Visiting Mae Sot traveling

Visiting Mae Sot

(Dec 27-30, 2019) With Suzi's re-visit to Chiang Mai, I was invited to travel with her to Mae Sot, the place where she devoted a few months of volunteer service to an NGO for the welfare of the Burmese refugees. Of course I said Yes!....more »»

Let's Make it About You - an Epiphany lucid

Let's Make it About You - an Epiphany

(Dec 17, 2019) 'Let's make it about you' is my new and powerful mantra to eradicate struggle, frustration and imbalance. Amazing how life throws you an Easter Egg when you need one.....more »»


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