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24+ Days at Lyn's Backpackers Inn traveling

24+ Days at Lyn's Backpackers Inn

(Jan 23 - Feb 16, 2018) After Fox and Firefly, I used-up my remaining 24 days of room credit at Lyn's Backpackers Inn. This meant coming back to a place and people that are dear to me - back to a quiet residencial compound of the Huertes where sikwate, fruits and fresh farm produce are there for the asking.....more »»

Calisthenics with Jeffrey fitness

Calisthenics with Jeffrey

(Feb 7, 2018) With calisthenics, Jeffrey and I attempt to build, define and tone muscle mass using body weight - no big and heavy barbells. There is no element of cardio here, no flexibility routine - just pumping body weight to the point of failure while synthronizing breath with movement.....more »»

Abs-Core Workout with Jeffrey fitness

Abs-Core Workout with Jeffrey

(Feb 5, 2018) After doing the high-intensity interval cardio workout with Jeffrey, we decided to strengthen our core - abdominals, obliques and the lower back muscles: 360 degrees of solid reinforcement. Of course, this was followed by pranayama and meditation....more »»

High Intensity Cardio Workout fitness

High Intensity Cardio Workout

(Feb 2, 2018) Instead of hammering on our bikes, Jeffrey and I tried doing Chris Heria's high intensity interval cardio workout - great for stamina, weight loss and lightness of being. This was followed by pranayama and meditation - fired-up body, decluttered mind and emotional stillness while others were still asleep....more »»

Ride to the Landslide with Jeffrey mtb

Ride to the Landslide with Jeffrey

(Jan 31, 2018) In our first mountain bike ride to reach the landslide section of a mountain from the earthquake of 2014, we got lost in the brushy trail. Now, we made another attempt taking a different route. All we wanted was to step by the edge and look down at the abyss....more »»

Farm Tour with Mr. Raymond Cal traveling

Farm Tour with Mr. Raymond Cal

(Jan 29, 2018) Given the 240-hectare expanse of the private farm land that was marked by cacao, bananas and other fruit trees, the veggie farm itself seemed modest at barely the size of 4 basketball courts on a flat land cupped by surrounding hills. Trellis were lined-up for various vegetables. It was more of a getaway in a peaceful place where no karaoke sound or motorized vehicles disturb the soundscape.....more »»

Cacao Drum Roasting chocolate

Cacao Drum Roasting

(Jan 27, 2018) In pursuit of my cacao fixation of late, I came upon a cacao grower who wanted to try-out his innovative cacao drum roaster for the first time. With 17 kilos to roast on the first batch, I rolled-up my sleeve to lend a hand.....more »»

5 Weeks at the Fox and Firefly Cottages traveling

5 Weeks at the Fox and Firefly Cottages

(Dec 13, 2017 - Jan 23, 2018) At the surface, it seemed like a life of leisure - acting supervisor to a riverside resort to ensure operations run smoothly during the owners' yuletide vacation - compli-lodging, compli-meal/day, compli-laundry, free access to all SUP and mountain biking tours, kitchen-access, etc. It was all that. On the other side of the coin was the responsibility - one I played perhaps too seriously.....more »»

2017: A Year in Review traveling

2017: A Year in Review

(Dec 31, 2017) This entire year, I just traveled within the Philippines' 4 provinces, hopping from Iloilo, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Bohol, sometimes staying in a town only a few days before moving on. It was tiring! I was spending too much time planning, in transit, packing and unpacking. Towards the end of the year, I changed gears and decided to remain in one place for 30 days before moving on. This opened up a whole new dimension to my traveling.....more »»


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