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Chiang Mai, Thailand events !!!

Yoga and meditation retreat, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Aswini Mudra yoga

Aswini Mudra

(Nov 18, 2019) Aswini Mudra is the repetitive closing and relaxing of the anal muscles. This cures ailments of the rectum including hemorrhoids and constipation....more »»

Movie Review: Midway (2019) movies

Movie Review: Midway (2019)

(Nov 15, 2019) Midway is the US version of the greatest battle of WWII in the Pacific against the Japanese Imperial Navy, through the lives of the American heroes who fought the war.....more »»

COFFEEMATES and BREADMATES at Nawa Saraan Healing Space people


(Oct to Nov 5, 2019) At Nawa Saraan Healing Space, yogis-reikis-shamans-meditators-DJs-ecstatic_dancers and kindred souls gather for friendship, community, good energy, homemade carrot bread, homemade Thai peanut butter and Vietnamese coffee.....more »»

Point-Of-Failure Birthday Workout fitness

Point-Of-Failure Birthday Workout

(Oct 22, 2019) To celebrate my birthday, I do a point-of-failure workout to reset the benchmark. Can I still do the same things I used to do? Do I still have the juice? Only one way to find out!....more »»

Anushasan Mudra meditation

Anushasan Mudra

(Oct 18, 2019) Discipline and leadership are developed. Success is brought about by better work performance. Personality is enhanced.....more »»

Learning Thai with Cee teaching

Learning Thai with Cee

(Oct 13, 2019) Learning Thai from a white guy? Yes, and it couldn't be better. Cee knows and speaks Thai by heart with even a local accent. But as a fluent English speaker, he can articulate the nuances of the Thai language and answer our questions in a way a Thai teacher (with limited English) cannot...more »»

Visa-Run to Tachileik, Myanmar traveling

Visa-Run to Tachileik, Myanmar

(Sep 28, 2019) It's that recurring episode again - the visa-run. Where to go? What if I get denied entry? Worse, what if I'm blacklisted? My last visa-run to Hanoi proved difficult and there was no reprieve on the horizon as far as Thai Immigration was concerned.....more »»

Vayu (Pranic Wind) yoga

Vayu (Pranic Wind)

(Sep 20, 2019) Vayu (or Prana Vayu) is not widely known in yoga, but I keep encountering this word as I do my readings in yoga and pranayama. It seems to be an energetic wind element that is both powerful and obscure. Time to roll up my sleeves and find out more about it.....more »»

Arahattamagga Arahattaphala - the path to Aranhantship Meditation Book Review

Arahattamagga Arahattaphala - the path to Aranhantship

(Dec 30, 2018) A monk narrates his meditation journey that ultimately led to an arahantship. His personal tale is compelling for a seeker like me because it puts flesh and blood and human struggle into the difficult path of deepening a meditative practice that transcends textbook descriptions and definitions...more »»

The 9 Jhanas of Buddha meditation

The 9 Jhanas of Buddha

(Aug 22, 2019) The story has it that in Buddha's quest for enlightenment, he reached up to the 9th Jhana but still came short of liberation. This word Jhana kept coming up in my readings. Curious, I devoted quality reading time to learn more about Jhana.....more »»


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